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Agricultural University Alumni Association (AUAA)

Agricultural University Alumni Association (AUAA), an association founded in YAU as the milestone of diamond jubilee on December 22, 1999, was intended for independent and effective functions both for academic and international collaboration. It is an essence of its alma mater and assisting the mother institute in bringing all the YAU graduates together for common collaborative work. It is a non-government organization.

Motto of AUAA

“Developing Agriculture Sector by the arm of United Alumni”

Functions of AUAA

(1) To derive the agricultural development in the nation

(2) To encourage the research activities and extend agricultural technologies to farmers

(3) To upgrade the existing agricultural technologies to advance through the study of worldwide

(4) To support the sustainable development of YAU by collaborating with alumni

(5) To build friendships among the alumni of YAU.


Major activities of AUAA

(1) To support the health and social welfare of alumni

(2) To hunt the job opportunities for new blood of alumni

(3) To register the graduates of YAU as alumni and search for the fund

(4) To perform the research and extension activities in collaboration with institutions, non-government organizations, international organizations, and private sectors.

(5) To enhance the livelihood of rural people and farmers through the dissemination of advanced technologies.


The headquarter of AUAA is situated at Yezin Agricultural University, Yezin, and the other 11 branches were in all States and Divisions. Yearly, the AUAA organizes the graduates and holds the Ceremony of Paying Homage to Retired Teachers and Conference of Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation. During the days of the ceremony, the students pay respect to their retired teachers by graduated batches separately or all batches together. Then, AUAA holds a meeting and discuss concerned with the status, progress, and prospect of AUAA. Currently, the AUAA is establishing the AUAA Digital Platform, website: as well as application software to communicate all alumni easily and effectively, to share experiences, knowledge, and job opportunities, and to donate the fund. The AUAA provides the certificates of all alumni.

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