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The university follows bi semester system where first semester falls in November through March and second semester, May through September.

Semester Period

Bi-Semester System
First Semester - November to March
                          (April: Summer Holidays)

Second Semester - May to September
                          (October: Winter Holidays)

Entrance examination system

Before 2006-2007 academic year, the candidates for the Yezin Agricultural University were selected by the Selection Board organized by the Ministry of Education and other related Ministries of different universities.

The selection was done on the basis of the candidates' marks in the Basic Education High School (BEHS) examination and their priority of interest. Starting from 2006-2007, however, the university conducted its selection examination for the annual intake of the students.

The number of students for annual intake was about 400 but starting from 2011-2012 academic year, it will be 200 only for the sake of improving the professional quality of the graduates. The candidates who have passed the BEHS examination in this academic year have to take the entrance examination with Biology subject (3 hr-paper) and English subject (2 hr-paper).

The candidates who obtain the required marks have to sit for the personnel interviews for the final selection.

Bridge education system

There were 10 Agriculture High School (AHS) in different regions of Myanmar. The candidates who had completed the middle school education could study in these high schools for 2 years to obtain a certificate of agriculture.

Only the outstanding students could continue their study at the State Agricultural Institutes (SAI) for 3 years to obtain the Diploma of Agriculture. Accordingly, the outstanding students of SAI can directly join the Yezin Agricultural University.

The diploma holders, after serving as government service personnel for 3 years under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, can enter the Yezin Agricultural University. Thirty seats are assigned for the outstanding students of SAI diplomas and 20 seats for the outstanding service personnel with Dip.Ag. The entrance examinations are necessary for all categories.

They have to sit for 3 papers and those who obtain the required marks will join the second year class of the university. At present there are 7 SAI in Myanmar. The system of AHS was abolished in 1999.