Invitation to Ma Kyi Kyi Thein and Ma Linn Zar Ni’s Seminar

Seminar Invitation

Dear All of Professors, Heads of Departments, Teachers and  Post graduate students from Yezin Agricultural University, you are cordially invited to attend the seminars of  Ma Kyi Kyi Thein (PTY-95) and Ma Linn Zar Ni (PTY-97) with the topic, “Characterization of Indigenous Greengram Rhizobium Isoates and Survival on Different Carriers” and “Occurrence of Aphelenchoides besseyi (Christie , 1942) in Different Regions and Management of Rice White Tip Nematode”.

When   –  11-7-2019(Thursday)

Time    –  (9:00AM)

Where  –  Auditorium, Yezin Agricultural University