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Department of Agricultural Economics

The Department of Agricultural Economics was established in response to the challenges threatening the society and the issues related to food, the environment, and agriculture. The courses in the Department of Agricultural Economics are focused on the social science concepts from the fields of economics, management studies, and environmental science. Our research tracks include food demand and supply systems; technology development and diffusion; food safety; socioeconomics of rural villages dependent on agriculture; issues in relation to agriculture and the environment; studies on poverty elimination and the use of natural resources and studies on food and agriculture product marketing and trade.

• To produce competent professionals in agricultural economics by providing the qualified students and researchers educating with the agricultural economics subjects
• To conduct research and provide solution and recommendation of the cross-cutting issues in agriculture and agribusiness

• Involves in research and development as well as provides quality academic services contributing to enhance of economy through sustainable agricultural and rural development

• To provide not only quality academic programs but also non-degree programs, extension education for farmers under the scope of agricultural economics

Dr. Theingi Myint


Head of Department

Ph.D., M.Agr.Sc., B.Ag.

Dr. Yu Yu Tun


Ph.D., M.Agr.Sc., B.Ag.

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P.O.Box 150501, Yezin,

Zayarthiri Township,

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.


Fax:      +95 67 341 6517

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Office: +95 67 341 6688

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