May 21, 2020


Purpose of Research Task Force Research foundation for practice-oriented research is enhanced in 9 departments of YAU. The main objectives are: To select the biotic and abiotic stress tolerant rice varieties under climate change in particular area To provide information on crop pests, diseases and soil fertility Status in Myanmar and improvement of crop management...
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Background The Division of New Genetics is for harnessing the untapped potential of Mendelian genetics and biotechnologies including molecular breeding and transgenic and impart training in modern techniques of new genetics. Objectives • Development and adoption of rice technology, standardization of seed production technology and farmer’s participatory seed production• Breeding for Climate Smart Rice (CSR)...
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Overview Agriculture in Myanmar economy occupies a place of prominence since it provides livelihood to the major segment of its population and supports overall development. Therefore it was envisaged that propelling sustainable agricultural growth through the application of cutting edge science and technology would substantially enhance farmers’ income in addition to ensuring food and nutritional...
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