Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Admission for Undergraduate Students


Student must complete High School Education / pass the matriculation examination with good academic record and be physically and mentally fit.

Selection method

First year undergraduate students are selected based on their matriculation exam record and approximately 300 students are admitted every year. Gender ratio of the students is 1:1. Students should fulfill at least 10 semesters and they are conferred the bachelor degree (B.Agr.Sc.) after they have earned (156) credits.
Outstanding Diploma Certificate holders of State Agriculture Institutes are also eligible to apply for the admission after passing the entrance exam and can join YAU starting from 5th semester class and should attend at least 5 semesters. Those students are also conferred the bachelor degree (B.Agr.Sc.) after they have earned (84) credits.

Available seats for the outstanding Diploma Certificate holders

There is also a bridging program for outstanding students of state agricultural institutes (SAIs) and outstanding staff holding SAI diploma in government departments in semester 5. Annually, 50 male and 50 female outstanding diploma holders are admitted into YAU approximate.

Entrance exam for Diploma Certificate holders

Outstanding Diploma Certificate holders have to take the written exam of three papers.

Bachelor of Agricultural Science Program Name of the degree Full :Bachelor of Agricultural Science Abbreviation : B.Agr.Sc.
Minimum Requirement Credit for Undergraduate
Sr. Semester Compulsory/Major Subjects Selected/ Minor Subjects Total Subjects Compulsory/Major Credit Selected/ Minor Credit Total Credits
1. 1st Semester 2nd Semester 22 3 25 36 3 39
2. 3rd Semester 8 1 9 16 1 17
3. 4th Semester 5 3 8 10 6 16
4. 5th Semester Core-1 (4) Core-2 (3) Core-3 (2) Core-1 (2) Core-2 (3) Core-3 (4) 6 Core-1 (12) Core-2 (9) Core-3 (6) Core-1 (6) Core-2 (9) Core-3 (12) 18
5. 6th, 7th, 8th Semester 8 6 14 28 18 46
6. 9th Semester 4 4 12 12
7. 10th Semester Special Field Assignment 1 1
10th Semester Internship 7 7
Total Core-1 (51) Core-2 (50) Core-3 (49) Core-1 (15) Core-2 (16) Core-3 (17) 66 Core-1 (122) Core-2 (119) Core-3 (116) Core-1 (34) Core-2 (37) Core-3 (40) 156
Remarks; Student can take Maximum 200 Credits.
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