Campus Life

YAU offers an enjoyable atmosphere for students who are taking up the degree for agricultural science in the campus. YAU has 9 hostels with 1014 rooms, housing over 2000 students. Buildings and classrooms are just a walking distance from each other. Each dormitory is equipped with wireless Internet access. Residents in the hostels are required to cooperate with each other to maintain their surroundings. YAU hostels have certain rules that all resident should comply with, and the residents will be held responsible for any violation of rules. Groups of students with a common interest are the core venue of recreation and relationship in YAU while students are balancing between their academic and social life. Religion groups, Literature and Culture subcommittees, Fine Arts Association, Readers’ Club, Sports Society, Environment Conservation associations, Regional Families, English Speaking Club, Agronomy Society, Floriculture Association, Soil Science Association, Yezin Agricultural University Information Technology Association, etc. are in active movement making young students’ experience in YAU a worthwhile. Students’ Union (SU) and University Training Corps (UTC) are also students’ bodies with active function.


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