Department Home Teaching Staff Curriculum Research Activities Department of Horticulture is a unique department of attributes and legacy which passes on the knowledge, science and skill of horticultural crop production to the students. Since its reorganization as an academic department in 1996, the department has been focusing on the production of qualified horticulturists who are...
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Department Home Teaching Staff Curriculum Research Activities Introduction Department of Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology (BPE), Yezin Agricultural University is undertaking teaching, research and extension in order to complete department. Mission To develop quality graduates and strategies for sustainable production of crop through the strengthening of both basic and applied researches in crop variety improvement....
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RECTOR’s MESSAGE Welcome to Yezin Agricultural University (YAU), Myanmar. Even though COVID-19 is challenging the governments, politicians, economists and the whole human society worldwide, food is still inevitably to be produced and crops to be grown in response to the condition. Producing agriculturists who can tackle and skillfully handle the emerging challenges is nowadays becoming...
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