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Department of Animal Science

Undergraduate Courses

ASC 101: Introduction to Livestock Production

[Compulsory], [2 Credits], [4th semester]

Husbandry practices and management for livestock production, Terminology of farm animals, Breed identification of farm animals. Production system and Management practices

ASC 102: Fundamental of Animal Nutrition

[Compulsory/Selective], [3 Credits], [5th semester]

Basic knowledge of nutrient, nutrient composition of common feed stuff and ration formulation, Nutrients, Nutrient requirements of farm animals. Feed and feeding, Digestion and digestive systems of farm animals , Ration formulation and Deficiency symptoms

ASC 103: Farm Animal Anatomy

[Compulsory / Selective], [3 Credits], [6th semester]

Phylogenetic study of the external and internal structures of farm animals, Identification and characterization of selected farm animal. Form and structure of external and internal organs and their functions.

ASC 104: Farm Animal Physiology

[Compulsory / Selective], [3 Credits], [6th semester]

Fundamental process of animal system that enables animal to live within a diverse range of environment, Growth and development, Cell and tissues, Muscle and meat, Endocrine system, Digestive system, Nervous system, Reproductive system

ASC 105: Crop - Livestock Farming System

[Compulsory / Selective], [3 Credits], [7th semester]

Components of cropping system, Components of livestock, Problems and prospects in crop-livestock based farming system, Integrated livestock systems. Relationship between integrated crop-livestock system, Farming system which combines crop production with livestock rearing, Food-feed intercropping system.

ASC 106: Ruminant Production

[Compulsory / Selective], [3 Credits], [7th semester]

Important breeds of cattle, Production and management practices, raising and housing system, Factors affecting milk production and composition. Breeds of dairy cattle, Characteristics of the dairy animal, Lactation, Housing systems, Reproduction, selection and genetic, Ration formulating, Feed and feeding, Digestion and absorption, Common diseases/ parasites.

ASC 107: Poultry Production

[Compulsory / Selective], [3 Credits], [8th semester]

Principles of poultry husbandry and production, Poultry housing and equipment, poultry health management. Hatchery practice and management, Broiler management, Layer and breeder management, Records and analyses, Nutrition, Processing, Litter and waste management.

ASC 108: Swine Production

[Compulsory / Selective], [3 Credits], [8th semester]

Principles of swine production, Geographic distribution of swine, Swine breeds, Production and management practices. Sow management, boar management, Piglet management, Formulating and feeding practical rations, Digestion and absorption of nutrients, Common diseases/ parasites of swine.

ASC 109: Ruminant Nutrition

[Compulsory], [3 Credits], [9th semester]

Basic nutritional aspect of ruminant animals, understanding biochemical and microbiological processes related to ruminant nutrition and physiology. Anatomy of digestive tracts, Development of stomach, Ruminal and intestinal microbes, Feed intake by ruminants, Impact of nutrition on milk composition, Feed additive, Ration formulation

ASC 110: Monogastric Nutrition

[Compulsory], [3 Credits], [9th semester]

Understanding key elements of poultry nutrition, Critical feed supply in relation to requirements and potential responses for metabolic processes in production system. Assessing nutritional value of raw materials and compound diets, Digestive physiology of poultry, consideration of dietary components, Fundamentals of diet formulation, Importance of feed intake

ASC 111: Principles of Meat Science

[Compulsory], [3 Credits], [9th semester]

Production systems for better meat quality, lean meat composition and quality, Meat production techniques in order to produce good quality meat, Understanding of meat value chains. Effects of production systems (extensive and intensive) on carcass quality, lean meat composition, eating quality, nutritional value and shelf life; anatomy and nomenclature of meat animals, Principles of feeding management, breeding and reproduction, nutrition and efficiency

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