Department of Agricultural Extension


Department of Agriculture Extension was established in 30 June 2017. It was aimed to produce agricultural extension and rural development professionals who are unique frontiers with combine skills in different areas of Agricultural and rural development initiatives to facilitate evaluation, adoption and continued use of agricultural innovations developed and ensure sustainability of rural development initiatives.

Mission Statement

To train qualified agricultural extensionists with agricultural background; and conduct state of the art research in agricultural extension and rural development to meet the needs of Myanmar rural society.

Vision Statement

To become a center of excellence in provision of knowledge, attitudes and skills; and cutting edge research and innovative outreach for rural development.

Core values:

- Academic Excellence
- Academic Freedom
- Efficiency and Effectiveness
- Professional Behavior
- Global Orientation
- Gender equity

Dr. Nyein Nyein Htwe
Head of Department
Daw Kay Thi Khaing
M.Sc. (UPLB, Philippines)
Dr. Yi Mon Thu
Assistant Lecturer
Ph.D (UPLB, Philippines)
Daw Thuzar Nwe
Assistant Lecturer
B. Agr.Sc.
Daw Nan Yu Maw
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Ei Thinzar Kyaw
Daw Zun Lai Wut Yee
Undergraduate Courses
No. Code Compulsory/ Selective Subject Code Subject Title
1. AEX-103 Introduction to Agricultural Extension S 2 4
2. AEX-104 Principles of Agricultural Extension C/S 3 5
3. AEX-105 Theory and Principles of Education C/S 3 6
4. AEX-106 Social Psychology C/S 3 6
5. AEX-107 Research Method in Behavioral Science C/S 3 7
6. AEX-108 Community Development C/S 3 7
7. AEX-109 Participatory tools in development studies C/S 3 8
8. AEX-110 Entrepreneurship in Agriculture C/S 3 8
9. AEX-111 Issues and Policy in Agriculture C 3 9
10. AEX-112 Indigenous Development C 3 9
11. AEX-113 Agricultural Extension Management C 3 9
12. AEX-131 Scientific Writing C 1 6,7,8
13. AEX-132 Presentation Skill C 1 6,7,8
14. AEX-133 Special Research Group C 8 6,7,8
15. AEX-134 Special Field Assignment C 1 9
16. AEX-135 General Agriculture C 3 9
17. AEX-136 Internship C 7 10
Post-graduate Courses
No. Code No. Subject Credits
1. AEX-601 Agricultural Extension Practices 3
2. AEX-602 Advanced Rural Sociology 3
3. AEX-603 Extension Research and Evaluation 3
4. AEX-604 Communication 3
5. AEX-605 Extension Organization and Management 3

Research Interest:
- Livelihood and Rural Development
- Gender and Women Empowerment
- Community Development
- Extension Strategies and Methodology
- Communication Strategies

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