Department of Agricultural Economics


The Department of Agricultural Economics was established in response to the challenges threatening the society and the issues related to food, the environment, and agriculture. The courses in the Department of Agricultural Economics are focused on the social science concepts from the fields of economics, management studies, and environmental science. Our research tracks include food demand and supply systems; technology development and diffusion; food safety; socioeconomics of rural villages dependent on agriculture; issues in relation to agriculture and the environment; studies on poverty elimination and the use of natural resources and studies on food and agriculture product marketing and trade.


• To produce competent professionals in agricultural economics by providing the qualified students and researchers educating with the agricultural economics subjects
• To conduct researches and provide solution and recommendation of the cross-cutting issues in agriculture and agribusiness


• Involves in research and development as well as provides quality academic services contributing to enhance of economy through sustainable agricultural and rural development


• To provide not only quality academic programs but also non-degree programs, extension education for farmers under the scope of agricultural economics

Dr. Cho Cho San
Head of Department
PhD, Agricultural Production Analysis, Farming System Analysis

Dr. Theingi Myint
PhD, Market Integration and Price Analysis, Impact Assessment
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Dr. Yu Yu Tun
Associate Professor
PhD, Agricultural Production Analysis, Agricultural Market Analysis
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Dr. Hnin Yu Lwin
Associate Professor
PhD, Agricultural Marketing Policy
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Dr. Yarzar Hein
Associate Professor
PhD, Agricultural and Resource Economics
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Daw Thida Than
M.Econ (Statistics), Statistics
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Dr. Thu Zar Linn
PhD, Technical Efficiency and Value Chain Analysis
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Daw Nan Ei Mon The
M.Agr.Sc, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Livelihoods Security
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Daw Ei Mon Thida Kyaw
M.Agr.Sc, Sustainable Agricultural Development, Rural Development Management
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Daw Honey Lynn Lynn
M.Agr.Sc, Agricultural Institutional Analysis
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Dr. Aye Moe San
PhD, Agricultural Trade & Marketing; Value Chain Assessment; Impact evaluation & Development Studies
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U Aung Phyo
M.Agr.Sc, Small and Medium Enterprises Management
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Daw Yee Mon Aung
Assistant Lecturer
M.Agr.Sc, Agricultural Trade & Marketing; Value Chain Assessment
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Daw Myint Myat Moe
Assistant Lecturer
M.Agr.Sc, Agricultural Marketing and Impact Analysis
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Daw Thuzar Myint
Assistant Lecturer
Gender Awareness and Agricultural Trade and Marketing
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Daw Hnin Su San
Assistant Lecturer
Rural Development and Agricultural Marketing
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Daw Cho Zin Win
Assistant Lecturer
Farm Management
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Daw Thi Thi Soe
Assistant Lecturer
M.Sc, Value Chain Analysis and Rural Development
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Daw Moah Moah
Assistant Lecturer
M.Agr.Sc, Agricultural Production and Marketing
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Daw Pyae Phyo Htwe
Agricultural Production and Marketing
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Daw Chue Htet Hnin
Agricultural Production and Marketing
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Undergraduate program
SemesterSubject CodeSubject TitleCredit
2AEC-103 Agricultural Policy and Economy of Myanmar 1
3AEC-104Introductory and Principles of Agricultural Economics2
4AEC-105 Mathematical of Economics 2
5AEC-106 Macroeconomic Theories and Policies 3
6AEC-107 Farm Management 3
6 AEC-108 Agricultural Trade of Marketing 3
7AEC-109 Socioeconomic Research Methodology 3
7AEC-110Survey Design 3
8AEC-111 Time Series Analysis 3
9AEC-113 Natural Resource Management and Environmental Economics 3
9AEC-114 Project Planning and Management 3
9AEC-115 Rural Development Policies 3
Postgraduate (Master Degree) Program
Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit
AEC-610 Economics of Agricultural Production 1
AEC-611 Advanced Farm Management2
AEC-616 Economics Development and Agriculture 3
AEC-620 Agricultural Price and Market Analysis 3
AEC-624 Land Economics3
AEC-630 Economics of Agricultural Development 3
AEC-633 Rural Development Policies 3
AEC-640 Agricultural Trade and Marketing 3
AEC-650 Principle of Resource Economics 3
AEC-651 Natural Resource Economics 3
AEC-660 Project Planning and Management3
AEC-661 Benefit-Cost Analysis 3
AEC-670Econometric Model and Methods 3
AEC-680 Survey Design and Analysis3
AEC-671Special Problem 2
AEC-681 Seminar 1
Postgraduate (Doctoral Degree) Program
Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit
AEC-711Rural Development Policies3
AEC-712Economics Development3
AEC-713Risk Management in Agriculture3
AEC-714Agricultural Marketing and Trade Policies3
Research Base Doctoral Degree program
Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit
AEC-8101 Rural Development Policy 2
AEC-8102 Economics Development 2

Research and Development

  • M.Agr.Sc Thesis Research

• Local Level Institutional Analysis on Department of Agriculture, Chaung Oo Township (2017)
• Study on the Determinants of Labor Migration in Maubin Township (2017)
• Role of Gender in Technology Adoption of Rice Production in Thazi Township, Dry Zone, Myanmar (2017)
• Profitability and Labor Use Efficiency of Different Rice Varieties with Different Crop Establishment Methods in Maubin and Daik U Townships (2017)
• Agricultural Livelihoods and Coping Strategies to Flood in Farm Households in Kambalu Township (2017)
• Analysis of Farmers’ Perceptions and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in Yamèthin Township (2017)
• Role of Perennial Crops in Rural Household Income in Central Dry Zone of Myanmar under the Climate Change Scenario (2017)
• Assessment on the Livelihood Activities of Rural Households in Magway Township (2017)
• Impact of Gender on Rice Production Activities and Rural Livelihoods in Maubin and Daik U Townships (2017)
• Marketing Activities and Profitability of Mungbean Production in Tatkon and Pyinmana Townships, Nay Pyi Taw (2018)
• Comparative Study of Costs and Benefits on Product Types of Rubber Firms in Mudon Township (2019)
• Study on Myanmar Rubber Industry towards Empirical based Development Policy (2019)
• Adoption of Improved Technology Package by Sesame Growers in Magway Township (2019)
• Value Added Processing Opportunities and Profit Function of Groundnut Farmers in Myinmu Township, Sagaing Region (2019)
• Comparative Study of Profitability of Blackgram Production before and after India’s Import Suspension in Kyauktaga Township, Bago Region (2019)
• Supply Chain Management of Sesame under Informal Contract Scheme in Aunglan Township, Magway Region (2019)

  • Ph.D Thesis Research
  • An Economic Perspective of Crop Diversification in the Selected Areas of Myanmar (Jan. 2018)
  • Impact of Irrigation on Crop Income and Collective Water Management Activities under Pyawt Ywar Irrigation Project, Myinmu Township (2019)

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