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In 1924, Burma Agronomy Department was founded under the Agricultural College and Research Institute in Mandalay. Nowadays, it stands as one of the major departments of Yezin Agricultural University. There are 21 academic teaching staffs in the department, offering the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. A total of 112 Master degree holders and 14 Ph.D. degree holders are produced from the Department of Agronomy until 2018-2019. The main researches which are conducted in this department are related with crop production, varietal selection, field crop physiology, crop nutrition, weed science, good agricultural practices, seed technology, postharvest technology, cultural practices, climate smart agriculture, and agricultural extension.


The vision of the Department of Agronomy is to improve and sustain crop productivity through research and extension education for poverty reduction of the rural people in the nation. The department provides a high-quality program in agronomic technologies by teaching, research and agricultural extension to enhance the crop productivity which will support the State’s economy.

The objectives of the Department of Agronomy are:

  • To produce highly qualified professionals for the development of the agricultural sector of the country, who are well-trained in leadership, planning and management, and
  • To provide safe and environmentally-sound agronomic practices for the sustainability of crop production by the integration of teaching, research and extension.

Dr. Hla Than
Head of Department
Ph.D. (Crop Agronomy and Cropping Pattern)

Dr. Htay Htay Oo
Plant Production Physiology
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Dr. Aye Aye Khaing
Associate Professor
Crop production physiology,
Plant germplasm resources
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Dr. Khin Thida One
Associate Professor
Postharvest technology of field crops
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U Soe Paing Oo
Agronomy and Agricultural Extension
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Dr. Kyi Moe
Agronomy, Plant nutrition
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Daw Kyi Mon Mon Ko
Agronomy, Crop Physiology,
Bioproduction and Environmental Sciences
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U Aung Myo Thant
Crop agronomy (cereals, legumes, sugarcane),
Forage crops and feed quality, Sustainable development in agriculture
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Dr. Thu Zar
Crop Nutrition, Crop Physiology
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Daw Phyu Thaw Tun
Sustainable Agriculture
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Daw Ei Han Kyaw
Specialization – Crop nutrition, Allelopathy in weed management
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Dr. Aung Zaw Htwe
Assistant Lecturer
Plant nutrition (Legume-Rhizobium Symbiosis)
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Daw Ei Phyu Thae
Assistant Lecturer
Crop Nutrition and Weed Management
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Dr. Ei Phyu Win
Assistant Lecturer
Specialization – Climate Smart Agriculture
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Dr. Phyo La Pyae Won
Assistant Lecturer
Agronomy (Physiology)
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Daw Thinzar Soe Myint
Assistant Lecturer
Specialization – Crop Physiology (Pasture Management)
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Daw Ei Thandar Ko
Assistant Lecturer
Pasture Management
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U Kyaw Zin Win
Assistant Lecturer
Specialization –
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Daw Than Than Moe
Assistant Lecturer
Agro forestry
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Daw Shoon Lai Toe
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Daw Ei Ei Thant
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Teaching program

The Department of Agronomy offered the following courses for the undergraduate and postgraduate students during the second semester of 2018-2019 academic year.

Sr. Program Subject code Subject title Credit
1. Semester IV AGY-102 Agronomy of Major Cereal Crops (Reopen) 2
2. 3rd year AGY-321 Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension 3
3. 4th year AGY-4201 Agrometeorology 3
4. AGY-4202 Research Techniques in Agriculture 3
5. AGY-4203 Postharvest Handling System of Filed Crops 3
6. PGD (Post Grad Diploma) DA-121 Pulses and Legumes 3
7. DA-122 Weeds and Their Control 2
8. DA-123 Agricultural Extension Practices 3
9. M.Agr.Sc. AGY-606 Research Methodology and Management 3
10. AGY-632 Oilseed Crops 3
11. AGY-634 Food Legumes 3
12. AGY-642 Postharvest Physiology 3
13. AGY-643 Physiology of Field Crops Production 3
14. Ph.D. AGY-712 Advanced Crop Physiology 3
15. AGY-713 Crop Nutrition 3
16. AGY-715 Crop Modeling 3

The Department of Agronomy offered the following courses for the undergraduate and postgraduate students during the first semester of 2019-2020 academic year.

Sr. Program Subject code Subject title Credit
1. Semester I AGY-101 Introductory Agronomy 2
2. Semester III AGY-101 Introductory Agronomy (Reopen) 2
3. Semester V AGY-103 General Agronomy of Field Crops 3
4. 4th year


AGY-4101 Integrated Farming System 3
5. AGY-4102 Field Crops Physiology 3
6. AGY-4103 Principles of Seed Technology 3
7. AGY-4104 Principles of Postharvest Technology of Field Crops 3
8. AGY-4105 Agri. Extension Approaches and Methods 3
9.                              Field -
10.                              SRP -
11. 5th year AGY-5101 Participatory Extension Approach 3
12. AGY-5102 Crop Planning and Management 3
13. AGY-5103 Tropical Pasture Management 3
14. PGD (Post Grad Diploma) DA-111 Advanced Biometrics 3
15. DA-112 Cereal Crops 3
16. DA-113 Oilseed Crops 3
17. DA-114 Fibre Crops 2
18. M.Agr.Sc AGY-605 Advanced Biometrics 4
19. AGY-612 Tropical Pasture and Forage Crops 3
20. AGY-631 Cereal Crops 3
21. AGY-651 Weeds and Their Control 3
22. Ph.D. AGY-711 Agroecology 3
23. AGY-717 Advanced Postharvest Technology of Field Crops 3


Research program
(a) Undergraduate research

No. Title
1. Evaluation on Plant Performance and Yield of Five Waxy Corn (Zea mays) Varieties in Yezin Area (SRP 2018-2019) (Fourth year students group 1 supervised by Dr. Thu Zar)
2. Effect of Different Seeding Depths on Seedling Establishment and Yield of Rice (SRP 2018-2019) (Fourth year students group 2 supervised by Dr. Phyo La Pyae Won)
(b) Postgraduate research

No. Title
1. Spatial Analysis on Distribution of Yield and Crop Management Practices of Pulses in selected area in Myanmar (Supervised by Dr. Htay Htay Oo)
2. Postharvest Practices and Loss Assessment of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Selected Areas of Kyaukpadaung Township (Supervised by Dr. Khin Thida One)
3. Effect of Storage Containers and Temperatures on Seed Quality of Black gram (Vigna mungo L.) (Supervised by Dr. Khin Thida One)
4. Effect of Phosphorus Application and Variety on Yield and Quality of Sweet Corn (Zea mays L.) (Supervised by Dr. Khin Thida One)
5. Assessing Elite Capture in “Engaging Women and Men Farmers in Participatory Research and Extension” Project: A Case Study in Magway Township (Supervised by Daw Phyu Thaw Tun)
6. Assessment on Crop Characters and Grain Qualities of Selected Myanmar Local Rice Varieties (Supervised by Daw Phyu Thaw Tun)
7. Assessment on Farm Mechanization of Rice Cultivated Farmers in Nay Pyi Taw (Supervised by Daw Phyu Thaw Tun)
8. Impact of Shwe Hlan Bo and Htee Taw Moe River Pumping Projects on the Farm Households of Beneficial Area in Sintgaing Township (Supervised by Dr. Aye Aye Khaing)
International collaboration

No. Title
1. Developing market-oriented small ruminant production systems in Myanmar (LS/2014/056, Agronomy-YAU/ ACIAR) (Supervised by Dr. Aye Aye Khaing)
2. Improving cattle health and production in Myanmar (LS/2016/132, Agronomy-YAU/ ACIAR) (Supervised by Dr. Aye Aye Khaing)


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