Department of Animal Science


The Department of Animal Science is intended to improve the strategies for crop livestock farming system. We highlight the importance of animals to achieving food security in terms of their valuable contributions to agricultural sustainability and the high nutritional value of animal products in the diet. Moreover, Department of Animal Science offers the fundamental concepts of animal breeding, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, and management as they apply to the production of farm animals. Demonstration farms for goat, dairy cattle and poultry is established at the Department.


1. To be able to apply their knowledge and experience of production and management in line with the developing livestock production sector among the farmers.
2. To train the students for the efficient utilization of crop waste and by-products.


To recognize in teaching, research and extension that will contribution for animal husbandry


To produce qualified graduates who can carry out efficient animal production, along with crop production in the sector of Myanmar agriculture.

Dr. Aye Aye Myint
Head of Department
Ph.D (UPLB, Philippines)

Daw Ei Ei Win Maung

Daw Thant Mon Paing
Assistant Lecturer
M.Sc (Candidate)

Daw Moe Moe Swe
Assistant Lecturer
M.Sc (Candidate)

U Nay Zaw Shwe

Dr. Than Naing Soe

Daw Eai Myat Mon

2019-2020 Academic year, Department of Animal Science offered the following courses for undergraduate students.

No. Semester Program Subject Code Subject Title
1. Second Fourth Year ASC-4202 Animal Nutrition
2. Second Semester IV ASC-101 Introductory Animal Science
3. First Semester V ASC-102 Animal Nutrition
4. Second Semester VI ASC-103 Farm Animal Anatomy
5. Second Semester VI ASC-104 Farm Animal Physiology

1. Feeds and Feeding Practices of Dairy Cattle in Selected Areas of Myanmar collaborated with YAU-JICA TCP Project

2. Effect of Napier grass and Sorghum Silage in Feed Intake and Growth Performance of Goats in Central Myanmar collaborated with YAU-JICA TCP Project

3. Production and Processing of edible insect in Myanmar collaborated with ZEF, University of Bonn, Germany

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