Department of English

Daw Win Win Thein
Head of Department

In Yezin Agricultural University, the department of English stands as one of the departments of compulsory subjects. The English language plays an academic subject in the First semester, Second semester and Third semester.

Mission of English Department
  • To train students to be able to improve their English for the medium of communication
  • To train students to develop their comprehension skills in learning their academic subjects through English
  • To provide students with fluency in English as preparation for their future professional career and higher continuing education
  • To provide the evaluation and recommendation on command of English to graduates
Academic Role of English Department

English, as an academic subject, is being taught to the first year and second year students to develop their language four skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to read agricultural text books; to write research findings or research articles; to present discussion and to participate in international scientific seminars and meetings.
The prescribed texts shown together with respective code numbers are –
For the first semester students,

  1. ENG- 103: Straightforward IA + IB
    For the second semester students,
  2. ENG-104: Straightforward IIA
    For the third semester students,
  3. ENG-105: Straightforward IIB
Teaching Members

Daw Tin Moe Aye

Daw Khaing Khinn Lin Maw
Assistant Lecturer

Daw Than Than Soe Lwin
Assistant Lecturer

Daw Thida Phyo
Assistant Lecturer

U Htay Naung Oo

U Aung Ko Ko

Daw Kyi lei Win