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The aim of Entomology and Zoology Department is to increase the crop production and farmers’ income through the proper pest management. To fulfill the aim, our Department is trying to produce qualified entomologist, to upgrade curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and to pro-mote collaborative research with the national and international institutions.

Department aims to educate the students with thorough knowledge of Entomology. Basically, the subjects of Entomology and Zoology include general zoology and in-sect systematics, insect ecology, integrated pest management (cultural, chemical and biological control). For more under-standing, the students are trained by doing small researches in practical class that are related to theory. Moreover, con-ducting some practices such as (1) vermiculture for making compost and (2) beekeeping for pollination of cross pollinating crops, to achieve more sustainable production of agricultural crops. Occasionally, farmers as well as staff from own and oth-er departments are being trained to understand more about crop pests and safety uses of pesticides.


To increase the crop productivity and farmers’ income through the proper pest management.


To provide well trained entomologists with the full knowledge of advanced and professional crop protection technology.
Entomology and Zoology Department is composed of 17 teachers including 1 Professor and Head, 1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 7 Lecturers, and 3 Demonstrators and 10 staffs.

Academic session
First Year
Department of Entomology and Zoology produces under-graduates and postgraduates annually. Credit system was initiated in Yezin Agricultural University at the beginning of 2017-18 academic year and our department offers the following three subjects for newly introduced students of credit system.
 Introductory Zoology
 Vermiculture
 Ichthyology

For second year students,
 Industrial entomology
 Rice pests and their control courses are offered.
For third year students, the following courses are offered.
 Pests on Industrial Crops and Control
 Storage Pests and Control
For fourth year students, the department offers
 Insect ecology
 Insect Physiology
 Insect Systematics
 Biological Control of Insect Pests
 Integrated Pest Management
 Plant Resistance to Insect

For final year students,
 Insect vectors of plant pathogens and their control
 Insect toxicology courses are offered.
For post graduate students,
 Insect ecology
 Plant resistance to insects
 Advanced insect physiology
 Acarology
 Biological control of insect pests
 Principles of insect systematics
 Microbial control of insect pests
 Pesticide residue analysis
 Insect pest control
 Insect toxicology courses are offered.
Research session
Department of Entomology and Zoology is doing researches in relation to
 Plant protection
 Chemical control of pests
 Rice stemborer incidence
 Abundance of natural ene-mies in rice paddies
 Plant resistance to brown planthopper, stemborer, etc.
 Species composition and diversity of riceland spiders and spider mites etc.
 Golden apple snail protection
 Effects of vermicompost and vermiwash on the yield of some major crops
Moreover students are assigned to do group research not only for their degree but also for improvement of presentation skills and group activities. The following mini researches are conducted as special research project.
 Diversity and abundance of tiger beetles, order odonata in different ecosystems in Nay Pyi Taw union territory.
 Survey on different species of ladybird beetles in Yezin area.
Practical training
As for practical training, students are participated in making vermicompost and vermiwash, beekeeping, growing summer and rainy rice as well as practical production of some vegetable crops such as eggplant, chili etc.
Farmer Training
As the farmer training, the department conducted the courses on plant protection tac-tics and red spider mites and their control.
Capacity Building Programs 
For the teaching and laboratory staff, the department carried out the capacity building training programs on how to operate and maintain the pesticide residue measuring machine, from 16.2.2018 to 17.2.2018. The objective was to be able for the staff to use systematically HPLC machine for pesticide residue analysis.
The department planned a pest collection trip for the Agricultural Entomology specialized fourth year students to explore the spider mite species infested on natural and cultivated land in eight townships of Nay Pyi Taw Council.
Outcomes from the excursion
 Observing the infestation level and distribution pattern of spider mites species on natural and cultivating crops
 Practicing the team spirits and organizing power.
Oversea Aids and Cooperation
Collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency, Department of Entomology and Zoology conducted a series of experiments concerned with mango fruit fly, varietal screening of rice stem borers resistance and insect pests forecasting, and curriculum development program.
With the cooperation of Indian Experts, the department involved the agricultural extension activities, continually. The department is conducting the following researches with the support of JICA project.
1. Influences of Handling Practices and Postharvest Losses by Fruit Fly on Mango
2. Screening for Resistance to Yellow Rice Stem Borer in Selected Rice Varieties
3. Establishment of major insect-pest warning model through defining distribution map for insect pests and natural enemies on rice and pulses.

Future Plans
To provide well qualified entomologists in under-graduate and graduate pro-grams, inviting the domestic and foreign technician and to conduct the capacity building program.


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