Department of Food Science and Technology


The Department of Food Science and Technology is one of the leading departments in academic and applied sciences with an international outlook. The combination of scientifically sound quality and practical orientation sets high standards in teaching and research in food related areas.


The Department of Food Science and Technology at YAU contributes for higher and advanced studies to provide future professionals as technologically competent and solution-oriented specialists. With applied research, the department of Food Science and Technology develops comprehensive solutions for current problems; future challenges and assumes leadership in key areas of food safety and quality management.


To produce qualified students who have an ability to evaluate and problem solve in the public and private sectors in relation to food science and technology where they may be employed. To conduct the applied research in food related areas and food system

Dr. Than Than Soe
Head of Department
B.Agr.Sc., M.Sc.(Japan), Ph.D (Japan)

Courses offered by Food Science and Technology Department

Credit System

Sr.CodeCourse TitleCredit
1FST-102Fundamentals of Food Science and Technology (C)3
2FST-101Principle of Food Processing Technology (C/ S)5
3FST-103Processing of Agricultural Crops and Value-Added Products (Plants and animal based products ) (C/S)6
4FST-104Milling and Processing of cereals, pulses and oilseeds (Edible oil) (C/S)6
5FST-105Fundamentals of Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology/ Toxicology7
6FST-106Food Safety and Quality Food Management (C/S)7
7FST-107Food Preservation and Additives (C/S)8
8FST-108Laboratory Techniques in Food Analysis (C/ S)8
9FST-109Product Development and Quality Management9
10FST-110Processing of Plantation Crops and Spices (C/S)9
11FST-111Food Handling Practices, Packaging, Transportation, Storage and Labeling (C/S)9
12FST-131Scientific Writing (C)6,7,8
13FST-132Presentation Skill( C)6,7,8
14FST-133Special Research Group (C)6,7,8
15FST-134Special Field Assignment9
16FST-135General Agriculture9

Research program

  • Postharvest Management and Processing Technology of Agricultural Crops
  • Nutritional Status and Food System
  • Food Safety and Quality Management
International Collaboration with Food Science and Technology Department
No.Porject ActivitiesFunding Agency Period
1Curriculum Development in Food Safety and Quality ManagementGIZ- SAFI GermanyDec., 2018 to Dec. 2020
2Human Resource Development in Food Related Areas in ASEAN CountriesMAFF, JapanAug. 2019 to Sep. 2020
3JICA- TCP (Postharvest Management of Mango Fruits)JICA, JapanMar. 2017 to Sep. 2020

Study on the physiological characteristics of food legumes