Department of Information and Technology

U Wonna Aung
Acting Head of Department

Courses offered by Department of Information and Technology
Sr. No.ProgramSubject CodeSubject TitleCredit
1First Semester
ITY-103Basic Computer Skill Level (1)1
2Second Semester
ITY-104Basic Computer Skill Level (2)1

Course Description

ITY – 103: Basic Computer Skill Level (1)

Introduction to PC and Typing with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe 17; What is Email? Creating Gmail Account; Sending Email; Introduction to Word; Intermediate Word; Advanced Word

ITY – 104: Basic Computer Skill Level (2)

Introduction to Excel; Working with Data; Working with Worksheets; Working with Views; Working with Charts; Excel Calculations; Pivot Tables; Statistical Functions and Descriptive Statistics; Introduction to Power Point; Formatting a Presentation; Viewing a Presentation in a Different Ways; Creating Animations and Transitions; Finalizing Power Point

Teaching Staff

Dr. Kay Khaing Oo

Ph.D (Kyoto University)
Remote Sensing and GIS

Daw Noe Wint Paing Htun
Assistant Lecturer

U Soe Khaing
(Attached IT)

Daw Hsu Pyae Aung
Deputy Staff Officer

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