Department of International Relation

Dr. Tin Tin Aye
Professor and Head
Cell Phone: +95 9261791372

One of the objectives of our university is to foster education and research capabilities by increasing collaboration with international institutions and universities. To support this objective, International Relation Office (IRO) is assisting to create linkage between YAU and international academic communities under the supervision of the Rector and Pro-rectors. IRO is also responsible for supporting teaching staff and students who are willing do collaborative activities with our partner institutions.

Partner Institutions

Chiba UniversityJapan
Maejo UniversityThailand
Yamaguchi UniversityJapan
Center for Applied Economics Research, Kasetsart UniversityThailand
Tokyo University of Agriculture(Tokyo Nodai)Japan
Cornell UniversityAmerica
Montpeller SupAgroFrance
The International Rice Research InstitutePhilippines
Kyushu UniversityJapan
Kungpook National UniversityKorea
University KENTUCKYAmerica
Michigan State UniversityAmerica
Gifu UniversityJapan
Yunnan Agricultural UniversityChina
KARLSRUHE Institute of Technology (KIT)Germany
KYOTO UniversityJapan
SEOUL National UniversityKorea
Wagening University & ResearchNetherlands
Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural ScienceChina
Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural ScienceChina
Cologne University of Applied SciencesGermany
Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of ScienceChina
Nakamura Gakuen University and Nakamura Gakuen Junior CollegeJapan
Sungkyunkwan UniversityKorea
French Agricultural Research Center for International DevelopmentFrance
University of HelsinkiFinland
Bern University (HAFL)Switzerland
Chonam National UniversityKorea

Staff Members

Daw Myint Yee
Deputy Director
Cell Phone: +95 9796474620

Lu Zaw Myo
Assistant Manager
Cell Phone: +95 9428136493

Than Naing
Assistant Manager
Cell Phone: +95 9794512554

San Yu Myint
Cell Phone:+95 9408819547

Thida Swe
Branch Clerk
Cell Phone: +95 9254890538

Nan Kalaya Hlaing
Assistant Staff Officer (Farming)
Cell Phone: +95 9977191490

Aye Aye Thin
Upper Division Clerk
Cell Phone: +95 9250291861

Ei Mon Kyaw
Cell Phone: +95 9420700564


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