Department of Physics

Daw Khaing Wai Nyunt
Head of Department

Physics department is one of the fundamental departments in Yezin Agricultural University. Physics is a subject related to other subjects taught in YAU. It is a prerequisite for those attending YAU.

Our aim is to deliver the students not only understanding of important facts, laws and basic concepts, but the practical application of theoretical knowledge to solving field problems also.

By providing advanced technologies of physics to the field of agriculture, it is intended to promote crop yield and food quality, to minimize soil, air and water pollution, to convert contaminating chemicals into the harmless level, to reduce crop losses due to adverse weather conditions and to increase income of rural farmers.

It is intended to provide the knowledge of advanced and updated technologies to those who would become leaders in agricultural industry in near future.

Teaching programs in Education
Our department offered the following courses for first year students during 2019-2020 academic year.
ProgramSubject TitleSubject Title
First Year
(Semester I)
(Compulsory Paper)
General Physics I
First Year
(Semester I)
(Compulsory Paper)
Thermal Physics
First Year
(Semester II)
(Compulsory Paper)
General Physics II
Teaching Members

Daw Soe Soe Myint
Assistant Lecturer

Daw San Myint
Assistant Lecturer

Daw Yi Yi Nwe
Assistant Lecturer

Dr. July Oo