Department of Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology


Department of Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology (BPE), Yezin Agricultural University is undertaking teaching, research and extension in order to complete department.


To develop quality graduates and strategies for sustainable production of crop through the strengthening of both basic and applied researches in crop variety improvement.


To become an internationally recognized department of excellence for education, training and research in crop variety improvement.


  • To train students for applying plant breeding, genetics, physiology, molecular breeding, plant genetic resources and plant ecology principles to crops and cropping systems in order to increase their efficiency.
  • To solve the changing problems in modern crop development, production and management under climate change.
  • To transfer of technology to create awareness by organizing training programs, front line demonstrations and study tours for the benefit of the farming community.

Dr. Soe Win
Professor & Head of Department
Ph.D (Thailand) Postharvest Technology

Dr. Myint Thu Zar
Ph.D. (Malaysia) Seed Science and Technology


Daw Thu Zar Nwe
M.Sc Botany

Dr. Aung Win
Ph.D (Japan) Science of Biological Environment

Dr. Myat Moe Hlaing
Ph.D., UPLB, Philippines Botany

Dr. Su Latt Phyu
Ph.D (Plant Breeding), UPLB, Philippines

Daw Nant Nyein Zarni Naing
Ongoing Ph.D student, China

Daw Phyu Phyu Maung
Ongoing Ph.D student, Korea

Daw Hlaing Hlaing Htay
Ongoing Ph.D student, Myanmar

Daw May Zin Win
Assistant Lecturer
Ongoing M.Agr.Sc. student, China

Daw Khant Sandar Htet
Assistant Lecturer
M.Sc. (SIA), Germany

Daw Tin Nwe Win
Assistant Lecturer
M.Agr.Sc., (YAU) Plant Breeding

Daw Ngwe Sin Moe Satt
M.Agr.Sc. student, YAU

Daw Thaw Tar Tin Shwe Oo
M.Agr.Sc. student, YAU

Daw Phoo Myat Yi Oo
B.Agr.Sc (Plant Breeding)

Daw Khin Myo Thant
B.Agr.Sc. Plant Physiology

Department of Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology closes attention to development in international education and have contributed four degree programs: undergraduate, post-graduate diploma, master and Ph.D. With the linkage between lecture and practical, department is offering the different subjects including plant taxonomy, plant morphology, plant anatomy, plant physiology, cytology, plant genetics, principal of plant breeding, plant genetic resources conservation, molecular plant breeding, methods of plant breeding, stress plant physiology, sustainable agriculture etc.

Undergraduate Courses (B.Agr.Sc)

Credit System
Course Code Course Title
BIO-101 Plant Forms and Functions (C)
BIO-105 Evolution of Plants (S)
BIO-102 Cells and Genes (C)
BIO-106 Biodiversity of Plants (S)
BPE-101 Introduction to Plant Breeding, Physiology & Ecology (C)
BPE-102 Fundamentals of Plant Physiology (S)
BPE-103 Principles of Plant Breeding (C/S)
BPE-104 Methods of Plant Breeding (C/S)
BPE-105 Plant Growth and Development (C/S)
BPE-106 Ecology and Sustainable Agriculture (C/S)
BPE-107 Biometrical Analysis in Plant Breeding (C/S)
BPE-108 Stress Physiology (C/S)
BPE-109 Molecular Plant Breeding (C/S)
BPE-110 Crop Improvement for Climate Change (C)
BPE-111 Environmental Plant Physiology (C)
BPE-112 Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Management (C)
BPE-131 Scientific Writing (C)
BPE-132 Scientific Writing (C)
BPE-132 Presentation Skill (C)
BPE-133 Special Research Group (C)
BPE-134 Special Field Assignment (C)
BPE-135 General Agriculture (C)
BPE-136 Internship (C)
  C- Compulsory Subject, S- Selective Subject

Post-graduate Courses

Course Code Course Title
BIO-601 Advanced Cytogenetics
BIO-603 Biodiversity of Plant Genetic Resources
BIO-611 Breeding of Field Crops
BIO-612 Mutation Breeding
BPE-613 Advanced Plant Breeding
BPE-622 Plant Growth and Development
BPE-632 Physiology of Flowering
BPE-633 Advanced Plant Physiology
BPE-635 Physiological Plant Ecology
BPE-642 Population Genetics
BPE-643 Quantitative Genetic Analysis
BPE-651 Method and Techniques of Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

Doctoral Courses

Course Code Course Title
BIO-711 Environmental Physiology
BIO-712 Physiology of Crop Yield
BIO-713 Quantitative Genetics in Plant Breeding
BIO-714 Plant Genetic Resources in Plant Breeding
BIO-715 Advanced Seed Biology
BIO-716 Advanced Molecular Breeding For Biotic and Abiotic Stress
BIO-717 Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants
BIO-718 Advanced Statistics for Plant Breeding
BIO-723 Molecular Plant Breeding

Research program

Ongoing Researches

  • Breeding of Field Crops
  • Collection and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources
  • Varietal Improvement for Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Farmer Participatory Varietal Selection
  • Crop Physiology and Ecology

Masters’ and Ph.D. Researches

Students’ SRP Researches

Project Researches:

  • FAO (Climate Smart Agriculture Center)
  • CAS (Chinese Academy of Science)

Department of Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology has been trained the students individually or by group in doing research and data analysis in different crops at YAU in order to gain practical experiences in the fields than in the classroom.
Crops grown during 2019-2020 fiscal year are Rice, Mungbean, Maize, Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber.

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