Department of Plant Pathology


The Department of Plant Pathology has strong research, teaching and extension outreach programs that cover basic and applied aspects of plant pathology, plant-microbe interactions and plant health management. We are ready to provide the knowledge to ensure plant health wherever it is threatened. Our department is the home for graduate education- not only in plant pathology, but also in a wide field ranging from sustainable agriculture to toxicology to genetics and molecular biology-related majors. The major objectives concern the scientific training of professional phytopathologists. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental and practical concepts associated with plant health and disease, physiology of parasitism, host-parasite relationships, genetics of host resistance, genetics of pathogen variation and variability, genetics of host-pathogen-hyperparasite populations, epidemiology of plant diseases, nematology, virology, phytotherapeutics and clinical phytopathology.

Dr. Tin Aye Aye Naing
Head of Department (2013- till)
B.Ag., M.Agr. Sc., Dr.Agr. (Kassel)
Mycology, Ecological Plant Protection

Dr. Nang KyuKyu Win
Mycology, Virology and Postharvest Diseases

Dr. Myo Zaw
Associate Professor
Mycology, Plant Fungal Diseases and
their Molecular Phylogeny, Environmental Microbiology

Daw Yi Yi Mon
Mycology and Fungal Diseases,
Postharvest Diseases, Mushroom Production

Dr. Htet Wai Wai Kyaw
Associate Professor
Bacteriology, Bacterial Diseases,
Molecular Plant Pathology, Biological Control

Daw May Thu Tin
Assistant Lecturer
Mycology, Bacteriology, Crop Diseases and Control

Daw Aye Thet Hnin
Assistant Lecturer
Molecular Virology and Viral Diseases


In 2017-2018 Academic Year, credit system has been applied in YAU for the newly enrolled students. The rest of the students are accepted to enroll as the ordinary semester based academic system. During the first semester of 2019-2020 Academic Year, the department offered the courses for semester-based system for the fourth year and final students in addition to the credit system students.Our department offers the courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate program (Credit Saving System)
Course CodeCourse Title
PTY-101Introduction to Plant Pathology
PTY-102Principles of Plant Nematology and Nema Diseases, Principles of Plant Virology and Viral Diseases
PTY-103Principles of Mycology and Fungal Diseases
PTY-104Principles of Plant Bacteriology and Bacterial Diseases
PTY-105Methods in plant Pathology
PTY-106Physiological Plant Pathology
PTY-107Integrated Disease Management
PTY-108Postharvest Diseases and Control
PTY-109Molecular Plant Pathology
PTY-110Chemical control of crop diseases
PTY-111Plant Disease Epidemiology
PTY-112Genetics of Plant Disease (Compulsory)
PTY-131Scientific Writing
PTY-132Presentation Skill
PTY-133Special research group
PTY-134Special Field Assignment
PTY-135General Agriculture
Undergraduate program (Semester Based System)
Course CodeCourse Title
PTY- 4101Methods in Plant Pathology
PTY-4102Control of Plant Diseases