Department of Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology, Yezin Agricultural University

 1. Introduction
The Department of Plant Pathology has strong research, teaching and extension outreach programs that cover basic and applied aspects of plant pathology, plant-microbe interactions and plant health management. We are ready to provide the knowledge to ensure plant health wherever it is threatened. Our department is the home for top notch graduate education- not only in plant pathology, but also in a wide field ranging from sustainable agriculture to toxicology to genetics and molecular biology-related majors.

The major objectives concern the scientific training of professional phytopathologists. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental and practical concepts associated with plant health and disease, physiology of parasitism, host-parasite relationships, genetics of host resistance, genetics of pathogen variation and variability, genetics of host-pathogen-hyperparasite populations, epidemiology of plant diseases, nematology, virology, phytotherapeutics and clinical phytopathology. In addition, our department offers courses about mass production of mushroom and biofertilizers using beneficial microbes.


2. Activities during 2017-2018 Budget Year

2.1. Educational activities

For second semester of 2016-2017 Academic Year, the department has been offered plant pathology subjects related with graduate, post-graduate students. The straw mushroom cultivation course has been taught by the department for fourth year students who chose the plant pathology specialization and second year students. During the course, all of the students were exposed to both theory and practical sessions.

Moreover, second year and third year students have been conducted the screening of resistant varieties and fungicides for leaf spot diseases of groundnut under management of our department during 2017-2018 Budget Year.


Photos of Second Year Students Participating in Activities Between 2017 and 2018 Budget Year

Diagnosis of plant disease using microscope

Inoculating Colletotrichum musae, causal organism of banana anthracnose on healthy banana

Banana Anthracnose Symptoms

Isolating Colletotrichum musae

Cultivating straw mushroom

Preparing seedbed for growing mushroom


Emerging sparrow-egg sized straw mushroom

Photos of Third Year Students Participating in Activities between 2017 and 2018 Budget Year

Collection of Disease Specimens

Collection of Disease Specimens

Activities in practical class

Activities in practical class

Land preparation

Planting the seed

Surveying the diseases in the field

Surveying the diseases in the field

Photo Records for Straw Mushroom Cultivation by Fourth Year Students

Preparation and growing

Observing the emerged straw mushroom

2.2. Training
The department held “Rhizobiology Training Course” from 26.6.2017 to 10.7.2017 arranged under collaboration between Yezin Agricultural University (YAU), The Crawford Fund, and Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). There are 20 delegates in this training who came from Department of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Research and Department of Plant Pathology. The department also organized the training by inviting retired professors. On 14th March 2018, Sayar Gyi U Thein Su delivered the lecture at our department for upgrading the ability of staffs who are teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate classes.

Photo Records throughout Rhizobiology Training course

Preparing for isolation of rhizobium bacteria

Preparing for isolation of rhizobium bacteria

Counting bacterial cell on artificial media

Identifying morphology of rhizobium bacteria by staining method

Preparing mass production of rhizobium inoculant

Preparing mass production of rhizobium inoculant

Photos of Staff Participating in “Upgrading Teaching Staffs’ ability” Training

Preparing for isolation of rhizobium bacteria

Preparing for isolation of rhizobium bacteria

List of staffs and post-graduate students who attended Workshops and Training during 2017-2018
Sr. No. Duration Name Titles
1. 31. 10. 2017 –
20. 11. 2017
Dr. Yu Yu Min (Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Microbiology) “Workshop for Fundamental Microbiology”, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan
2. 21. 10. 2017-
30. 10. 2017
Dr. Seint San Aye (Associate Professor) Study Tour on Education and Research under the Project of Capacity Development of Yezin Agricultural University Organized by YAU-JICA TCP, Japan
3. 23. 10. 2017 –
5. 11. 2017
Daw Yi Yi Mon (Lecturer) Workshop for “Efficient and Safe Production of Major Tropical Economic Crops”, Hainan, China
4. 12. 10. 2017 –
21. 10. 2017
U Nay Lin Oo (Assistant Lecturer) Japan-Asia Youth Program (Sakura Science Program), Chiba University
5. 15. 1. 2018 –
19. 1. 2018
Daw Phyu Mar Win (Lecturer) Training for “Research and thesis Supervision Skills”, Luang Prubang, Laos
6. 9. 10. 2017 –
20. 10. 2017
Ma Kyi Kyi Thein (PTY-95)
Mg Ye Min Thu (PTY-96)
Ma Lin Zarni (PTY-97)
“Rhizobiology Workshop” at Department of Agricultural Research (DAR)
7. 15. 11. 2017 Mg Htet Naing Oo (PTY-99) 8th MODEL ASEM 2017 Meeting inYangon
8. 15. 11. 2017 –
29. 11. 2017
Ma Kyi Kyi Thein (PTY-95)
Mg Ye Min Thu (PTY-96)
Ma Lin Zarni (PTY-97)
“Human Resource Development in Food-related Areas through Partnership with ASEAN Universities” Training at Yezin Agricultural University (YAU)
9. 6. 11. 2017 –
10. 11. 2017
Daw Aye Thet Hnin (Demonstrator) Training-Workshop on Developing Fundable Research Project Proposal For Agricultural and Rural Development at YAU
10. 7. 11. 2017 –
24. 11. 2017
Daw Yi Yi Mon (Lecturer)
Dr. Ei Ei Aung (Lecturer)
“Analytical Chemistry II” Training at YAU – JICA TCP Office
11. 17. 11. 2017 Dr. Nang Kyu Kyu Win (Associate Professor) “Development of Agricultural Value Added Industries in Myanmar” Meeting at YAU
12. 4. 12. 2017 –
15. 12. 2017
Ma Thet Yi Khaing (P- PP.9) “Plant Genetic Resources Management” Training at JICA Office, YAU
13. 22. 1. 2018 –
2. 2. 2018
Ma Ju Ju Thu (PTY-92) “Climate Change and Agricultural Production” Training at  JICA Office, YAU
14. 29. 1. 2018 –
2. 2. 2018
Daw Yi Yi Mon (Lecturer)
Dr. Ei Ei Aung (Lecturer)
Training for Enhancing the Teaching and research methodology Competencies of academic staff at YAU
15. 15. 11. 2017 –
29. 11. 2017
Daw Yi Yi Mon (Lecturer)
Daw Phyu Mar Win (Lecturer)
Daw Kyaut Kay Khaing (Assistant Lecturer)
Daw Aye Thet Hnin (Demonstrator)
English Language Training at YAU
16. 16. 2. 2018 –
17. 2. 2018
Dr. Ei Ei Aung (Lecturer) “Use and Maintenance of Machine for Measuring Residual Effects of Pesticide” Training at Department of Entomology, YAU
17. 16. 2. 2018 Daw Kyaut Kay Khaing (Assistant Lecturer) Seminar on “Screening of Resistant Varieties for Northern Leaf Blight of Corn and Soybean Rust, at DAR
18. 20. 2. 2018 U Nay Lin Oo (Assistant Lecturer) “Biosafety and Chemistry Safety” Meeting atYAU
19. 27. 11. 2017-
16. 2. 2018
U Nay Lin Oo (Assistant Lecturer) Basic Course for Civil Service Officers (Sr. No. 54)

Central Service Academy (Upper Myanmar)

20. 14. 3. 2018 U Nay Lin Oo (Assistant Lecturer) “Developing Credit System in YAU” Workshop

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