Department of Soil and Water Science

Soil and Water Science Department


The department of soil and water science (DSWS) is one of the thirteen major departments providing both undergraduate and postgraduate students in YAU. The department was established in 1955-1956. The DSWS prepares the graduates as professional in private and public sector to develop, adopt and disseminate knowledge and technologies that focus on soil-plant-water continuum.

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Soil science and plant nutrition specialization provide a holistic understanding of concepts of soil fertility and productivity, soil-ion interaction, integrated nutrient management, microorganisms in agricultural systems, land uses and land-use survey, management of problem soils. The specialization prepares the graduates for sustainable nutrient management and agricultural development.

Water Management

Water management specialization places emphasis on the application of principles and practices of irrigation and drainage, soil erosion and conservation schemes, principles of water conservations including water harvesting and saving techniques, economics in irrigation management and project evaluation. It trains the students as professionals with a broad knowledge of natural resources management.


Building upon its foundation of different expertise, the department of soil and water science initiates heuristic education and shares scientific knowledge for wise use of soil and water resources with the outcome of sustainable soil, plant, water and environment.


The department of soil and water science has to provide innovative teaching, the state-of-the-art research and extension techniques based on societal needs related to the conservation and management of natural resources linked to plant and soil ecosystems, and future prospective water and environment. The total of 27 teachers specialized with Agricultural chemistry, Soil Science, Water management and plant nutrition of Soil and water science department leading with Professors, and 11 non-teaching staff are trying their best for improving department by teaching undergraduate, postgraduate students, by doing research collaboratively with international organization, by going excursion for getting external knowledge, by attending training for teachers for upgrading specialized subjects and English language proficiency.


Courses of Soil and Water Science Department

Undergraduate program for Postgraduate Program for M.Agr.Sc and Ph.D (Agricultural Sciences)
Organic, Inorganic and physical chemistry, Soil-Water-Plant Relationship
Soil genesis, Pedology, Soil phyiscs Water Quality for Agriculture
Soil Chemistry, Soil Ecology Soil Colloidal Chemistry
Plant Nutrition Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition
Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and Manures Micronutrients in Soil and Plants
Mineral Nutrition of Major Crops Fertilizer Technology
Soil and Plant Analysis Chemistry of Soil Organic Matter
Soil Fertility Evaluation and Management Chemistry of Submerged Soil
Soil Classification, Soil Conservation Advanced Organic and Biochemistry
Soil Water Management  
Principles and Practices of Irrigation  
Soil Microorganisms for sustainable agriculture  

Country based on going Researches

No Title Researcher
1 Study on different rates of fertilizers on yield and yield components of sunflower in Zayyarthiri. Dr. KyawNgwe
2 Long term effect of organic and chemical fertilizer on soil quality and rice yield. Dr. AungNaingOo

Research under ACIAR Project

No. Title Researcher
1. Effect of Zinc Sulphate as Soil Application and Seed Treatment on Green Gram (Vigna radiate L.)  in Central Dry Zone of  Myanmar DawKyiKyiShwe
2. Effect of Zinc Sulphate as Soil Application and Seed Treatment on Green Gram (Vigna radiate L.) in Central Dry Zone of Myanmar Dr. KyawNgwe

Research by research based Doctorial students

No. Title Researcher
1. Effect of Potassium fertilizer management on growth, yield, yield components and quality of three cotton varieties (Gossypiumhirsutum L.) Ma KhinKhin Mu (R.B.P-C1)
2. Effect of Sulfur, Zinc and Boron on Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Rice Ma San SanMyint


Research by Master and PGD (Rice) students





Effect of Different (N,P,K) Fertilizer Rates on Yield and Yield Components of Sin Thu Kha Rice Variety in Two Different Locations

Mg Kaung Htet Lwin Oo

( AGC-80)


Response of Rice Yield and Nutrient Use Efficiency to Different Sources of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers in Hmawbi

Ma Phyu Hnin Shwe



Evaluation of Some Introduced Rice Varieties Under Different Levels of Soil Salinity Stress

Ma Kyi Mon Thein

( AGC-104)


Effect of Different Water Regimes on Morpho-Physiological Traits, Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Different Groundnut Varieties

Ma Kywe



Effect of Zinc and Boron on Yield and Yield Contributing Characteristics of Green gram

Ma Tin Mar Win



Response of Manawthukha Rice Variety to Zinc Fertilizer Application in Ngazun Soil

Mg KaungHtoo Thaw



Growth and Yield of Rice as Affected by Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers under Saline Water Irrigation

Ma Kyi Zin Hlaing



Effect of Different Water Regimes on Growth, Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Rice

Ma Su PaingHtwe



Effect of Zinc Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Yield Components of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in OattaraThiri Soil

Mg Soe Min Htun



Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer Splitting Pattern and Boron Foliar on Yield and Yield Components of Rice (Oryza saliva L.)

Ma PhyoKlar Win

(PGDR- 23)


Effect of Straight and Compound NPK Fertilizer on Yield and Benefit of Shwe Yin Aye Rice Production

Ma Win  Thandar Aye

(PGDR- 24)

Photos Record for Excursion

Photo Record for Research Works

Photo Records for Harvesting

(130) Days Old Rice Research Field

Rice Research Field



Sun Drying

Weighing and Packaging

Photos of “Effect of Zinc and Boron on Yield Components of Green Gram” Research

The First Time Monsoon Season Green Gram Research

Weighing Fertilizers for the Green Gram Research

Data Collection from Green Gram Research

Data Collection from Green Gram Research

Measuring of Plant Height Data from Green Gram Research Field

Collection of Pod Number and Yield Components Data from the Green Gram Research

Data Collection for Yield and Yield Components after Harvesting Green Gram Research

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