Department of Soil and Water Science


The Department of Soil and Water Science (DSWS) is one of the thirteen major departments providing both undergraduate and post graduate studies in YAU. The department was established in 1955-56. The DSWS prepares the graduates as professionals in private and public sector to develop, adopt and disseminate knowledge and technologies that focus on soil-plant-water continuum.


Building upon its foundation of different expertise, the Department of Soil and Water Science (DSWS) initiates heuristic education and shares scientific knowledge for wise use of soil and water resources with the outcome of sustainable soil, plant, water and environment.


The Department of Soil and Water Science has to provide innovative teaching, the sate-of-the-art research and extension techniques based on societal needs related to the conservation and management of natural resources linked to plant and soil ecosystems, and future prospective water and environment.

Dr. Kyaw Ngwe
Head of Department

Dr. Nang Ohn Myint
(Plant Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture, Fertilizer Technology)

Dr. Swe Swe Mar
Associate Professor
(Soil Fertility)

Daw Ohnmar Aung
Organic and Physical Chemistry

Daw Yin Moe Swe
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Daw Khin Mar Lar
Organic and Physical Chemistry

Dr. Khin Hnin Phyu
Organic and Biochemistry

Daw Khin Mar Mar Than
Organic and Biochemistry

Dr. Aye Aye Than
Soil Fertility, Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy, Environmental Soil Science

Dr. Yin Yin Thant
Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy

Daw Yin Mar Soe
Sustainable Land Management in Agriculture, Soil and Water Management, Soil Physics, Soil Conservation

Daw Kyi Kyi Shwe
Soil and Water management, Soil Physics

Daw Toe Toe Maw
Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrition

Daw Pann Ei Ei Kyaw
Plant Nutrition

Daw Chaw Su Lwin
Plant Nutrition

Daw Nyein Nyein Thu
Assistant Lecturer
Plant Nutrition

Daw Kyu Kyu Mwe
Assistant Lecturer
Soil and Water Management, Soil Physics

Daw No No Aung
Assistant Lecturer
Soil Fertility

Daw Nandar Hnin Yee
Assistant Lecturer
Plant Nutrition

Daw Lwin Thuzar Nyein
Assistant Lecturer
Plant Nutrition

Daw Theingi Win
Assistant Lecturer
Soil Science, Water Science

Daw Hsu Myat Thwin
Soil Science, Water Science

Daw Win Yu Hlaing
Soil Science, Water Science

Soil Science, Water Science and Plant Nutrition Specialization

Soil science, water science and plant nutrition specialization provide a holistic understanding of concepts of soil fertility and productivity , soil – ion interaction , integrated nutrient management , microorganisms in agricultural systems , land uses and land- use survey , management of problem soils , and emphasis on the application of principles and practices of irrigation and drainage, soil erosion and conservation schemes , principles of water conservation including water harvesting and saving techniques , economics in irrigation management and project evaluation. It trains the students as professionals with a broad knowledge of natural resources management.

Undergraduate Program for B.Agr.Sc Degree
Sr.ProgramSubject CodeSubject TitleCredit
11st SemesterCHE 101Chemistry I (Compulsory)2
22nd SemesterCHE 102Chemistry II (Compulsory)2
Chemistry III (Selected)1
33rd SemesterSWS-101Introductory Soil Science (Compulsory)2
44th SemesterSWS-102Soil Physics (Selected)2
55th SemesterSWS-103Soil Chemistry3
66th SemesterSWS-104Mineral Nutrition3
7SWS-105Soil Fertility Management and Evaluation3
87th SemesterSWS-106Fertilizer and Manure3
9SWS-107Water Management3
108th SemesterSWS-108Fertility  Management of Paddy Soil3
11SWS-109Advanced Crop Water Management3
129th SemesterSWS-110Soil Conservation3
13SWS-111Environmental Soil Science3
14SWS-112Soil Microorganisms for Sustainable Agriculture3
Postgraduate Program
Sr.ProgramSubject CodeSubject TitleCredit
First Semester
1Post Graduate DiplomaDC-111Soil Management in Rice Cultivation Systems2
2DC-112Soil Fertility Evaluation2
3DC-113Fundamentals of Fertilizer Application for
Crops Production
4DC-114Crop Water Requirement2
5M.ScAGC-601Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition3
6AGC-606Chemistry of Soil Organic Matter3
7AGC-608Fertilizer Technology3
8Ph.DAGC-722Fertilizer Technology3
9AGC-712Soil Chemistry3
Second Semester
1M.ScAGC-611Soil Conservation3
2AGC-609Agricultural Water Quality3
3AGC-614Organic and Biochemistry3
4Ph.DAGC-711Soil Fertility3
5AGC-713Problem Soil and Their Management3
6AGC-715Plants    Nutrition3
7AGC-714Soil Conservation3
8AGC-712Soil Chemistry3

Research program

1Comparison of The Effects of Locally Produced Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizers and Split Application of Urea on Rice
2A Correlation Study for Selecting Soil Test Methods of Estimating Available Nutrients in Maize Growing Soils in Pyinmana Township
3Studies on the Response of Groundnut and Sesame to Different Soil Moisture Regimes
4Transformations in Soil Under Submerged Condition with Special Reference to Phosphate Availability
5Studies on The Effects of Some Local Leguminous Plants on Rice Production
6A Study on The Response of Wheat to Different Soil Moisture Regimes
7The Effects of Lime and Gypsum on The Groundnut Production in Yezin
8Effects of Irrigation and Drainage Methods on Summer Rice Production
9The Effects of Different Rates of Sulphur Fertilization on Growth and Yield Components of Rice Under Submerged Condition
10Transformations in Soil Under Subemerged Condition with Special Reference to Nitrogen Availability
11Effects of Phosphorus on Zinc Uptake and Yield of Rice Under Submerged Condition
12Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Balances in Groundnut and Sesame Based Cropping Systems on Alfisols
13Effects of Chemical Fertilizers, Organic Amendments and Effective Microorganisms (EM) on Soil Fertility and Seed Cotton Production
14Evaluation of Different Soil Moisture Regimes on Growth and Yield of Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum, L.)
15Study of N Balance and N Dynamics Affected by Herbicides in Agricultural Soils.
16Effects of Supplemental Irrigation and Different Rates of Potassium Fertilizer on The Yield and Quality of Cotton (Gossypium Hisutum, L.)
17The Effects of Different Rates of Potassium Fertilizer on Yield and Yield Components of Two Hybrid Maize Varieties
18Effects of Different Rates of Lime on Yield and Yield Components of Two Mungbean Varieties (Vigna Radiata (L) Wilczek)
19Effect of the Methods of Urea Fertilizer on Grain Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Greengram (Vigna Radiata.L.Wilczek)
20Effect of Different Nitrogen Levels With and Without Phosphorus and Potassium
21Effect of Different nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizer Rates and Times of Application on Sweet Corn Yield
22Effect of Different Sources and Levels of Magnesium Fertilizer on Growth of Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis) Seedlings
23Influence of Different Nitrogen Rates on Yield,, Miller Rice Protein Content and Physicochemical Properties of Starch in Six High Yielding Rice Varieties (Oryza Sativa)
24Effect of Different Rates of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer on Sugarcane  ( Saccharum spp.) in Three Growing Regions
25Possible Alternatives Sources of Nutrient media for Micropropagation of Banana (Musa spp)
26Evaluation of Irrigation Management on Different Growth Stages of Soybean (Glycie Max  L. Merr)
27Sulphur on Nutritional Quailty of Sesame Seed
28Irrigation Management and Phosphorus Fertilizer Application on Green Gram (Vigna Radiate L. Wilczek)
29Evaluation of Irrigation Management on Different Growth Stages of Saybean (Glycine Max L Merr.)
30Effect of Liming and Other Cakium Sources Application on Green Gram (Vigna Radia L. Wwilczek)in Yezin Soil.
31Seed Yield, Oil and Protein Content in Soybean (Glycine Max L.) as Affected by Sulfur Application
32Effect of Potash Applications on Growth and Yield of  Soybean (Glycine max. L.)
33Performance of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Cultivativars as Influenced by Different Water Regimes
34Effect of different Irrigation Regimes and Potassium Rates on Growth and Yield of Soybeen
35Effect of different Rates of Potassium Fertilizer on Yield Components of two Greengram Varieties
36Effect of Organic and Chemical Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of  Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) and Some Physico-chemical Properties of Yezin Soil
37Screening Different Varieties of Mungbean on Phosphorus Use Efficiency
38Rice Yield  and Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency Under Different Straw Management Practicies
39Effect of Irrigation Practices and Boron Fertilization on Yield and Water Use of Oilseed Sunflower  (Heliunthus annuus L.)
40Influence of Nitrogen and Sulphur Fertilization on Yield, Nutrient Uptake, Oil and Protein Contents of Sunflower
41Effect of Different Rates and Application Methods of Potassium Fertilizer on Yield of Groundnut (Arcachis hypogaea. L.)
42Application of Oil Palm Bunch Ash(OBA) to Enhance the Growth and Yield of Cassava (Manihot esculenta), and Soil Physiochemical Properties
43Seed Zinc Content, Yield and Yield components of Soybean (Glycine max.L.) as Affected by Zinc Application
44Soil Fertility and Performance of Tomato (Lvcopersicon esculuntum) as Affected by Vermicompost Amendment
45Quantity and Some Quality Components of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) as Aggected by Boron Fertilization
46Use of Some Phyaico-chemical Propertion to Evaluate the Sustainability of Land Use and Soil Management Practions on Shwe-Taung Soils
47Evaluation of Irrigation Management Practices and Nitrogen Levels on Water Use Efficiency and Yield and Yield Components of Hybrid Rice
48Response of Hybrid Rice to Rates of Nitrogen and Potassium Application
49Effect of Urea Fertilization Composted and Uncomposted Manures Amendmet on Coorn Production
50Effect of Different Organic Nitrogen Sources on Nitrogen Efficiency and Yield of Rice
51Flowering Response of Parental lies of Hybrid Rice to Potassium Application
52Effects of Residue Management on Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
53Predicting Soil Water Retention Characteristics  Using Pedotransfer Functions for Some Myanmar Agricultural Soils
54Nitrogen Management Through the Use of Leaf Color Chart (LCC) and Chlorophyll Meter (SPAD) in Hybrid Rice
55Water Use Efficiency of Hybrid and Open Pollinated Varieties of Maize as Affected by Irrigation Schedules
56Effect of Water Regimes and Nitrogen Rates on Yield and Yield Components of Maize
57Response of  Hybrid  Maize Cultivars to Different Levels of Potassium
58Potassium Fertilizer Management on Rice Cultivation (Shwe Thwe Yin)
59Effect of Different Application Methods with Straight and Compound Fertilizers on Rice (Shwe Thwe Yin)
60Evaluation of the Sustainability in Land Use and Soil Management Practices on Hlegu Soils (Yangon Region) and Aung Bun Soils (Southern Shan State) by Using Some Physico-Chemical Properties
61Effect of Manure and Chemical Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Thee Htet Yin Rice Variety in Maubin Township
62Effects of Different Rates of Potassium Fertilizer on Productivity of Rice With or Without Rice Husk Ash in Minbya Soil
63Effect of Raised Bed Method and Fertilization on Soil Water Storage and Groundnut Yield
64Response to yield, Water and Nitrogen Use of Hybrid Rice under Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation and Controlled Release Nitrogen Fertilizers
65Effect of Different Organic Nitrogen Sources and Urea Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.)
66Phosphorus Nutrition with or without Rhizobium Inoculation on Nitrogen Accumulation and Yield of Green gram (Vigna radiate L.)
67Assessment of Nitrogen and Potassium Balanced Fertilization on Yield of Rice in Maubin Township
68Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium Application on Plant Growth, Yield and Fiber Quality of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum  L.)
69Factors Affecting  the Adoption of Soil Conservation practices in Central Dry Zone in Myanmar
70Effect of cowdung manure and urea on growth and yield of cabbage in Southern Shan State of Myanmar
71Different Fertilizer Management Practices on Yield and Yield Components of Three Rice Varieties in Daik-U and Maubin Towships
72Balanced fertilizers and rice straw residue management on Blackgram grown after rice  in Maubin and Daik-U Townships
73Chemical and Organic Fertilizers on Yield, Nutrient Uptakes and Use Efficiency of Chinese Cabbage (Brassica pekinensis)
74Response of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) to Two Sources of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers in Hmawbi
75Assessment of Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Yield Based on Nitrogen Rate and Fertilization Practices in Low Land Rice (Oryza Sativa. L.)
76Evaluation of Some Introduced Rice Varieties Under Different Levels of Soil Salinity Stress
77Effect of Different Water Regimes on Morpho-Physiological Traits, Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Different Groundnut Varieties
78Effect of Zinc and Boron on Yield and Yield Contributing Characteristics of Green gram
79Spatial Variability of Soil Fertility Distribution in Kyee Inn Village Tract, Pyinmana Township, Naypyitaw
80Evluation of Groundnut Varieties for Phosphorus Use Efficiency and Their Variability of Uptake and Utilization Efficiency (Arachis hypogaea L.)
81Evaluation of Soil Nutrient Supply Capacity for Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Production by Site-Specific Nutrient Managemen
82Study of soil moisture conservation in farm level and dryland cropping patterns of Magway township
83Effect of Compost  Growing Media on the Growth of Different Varieties of Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Seedlings in Nursery
84Effectiveness of Biochar and Inorganic Conditioners Use in Salt-Affected Soil under Rice Cultivation
85Nitrogen Management of Cotton (Gopyssium hirsutum L) in relation to Plant Available Water Capacity in Pyawbwe Township, Central Dry Zone Area
86Effect of Potassium fertilizer management on growth, yield, yield components and quality of three cotton varieties (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
87Effect of Sulfur, Zinc and Boron on Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Rice
88Effects of The Saline Water to The Advanced Rice Breeding Lines
89Effects of Drought Stress on Yield and Oil Content, Fatty Acids, Protein Content of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaeas L.) During the Reproductive Stage
90Growth and Yield of Hybrid Rice as Affected by Macronutrients Omission
91Soil Fertility Maps Preparation Using GPS and ArcGIS in Paddy Field
92Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium on Yield and Yield Components of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
93Comparison of Different Types of Nitrogen Fertilizers on Yield, Yield Components and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Rice
94Effect of different Nitrogen application rates and Nitrogen use efficiency on yield and yield components of rice
95Effect of drought stress on growth, yield and quality of upland rice (Yar-8)
96Effect of Different Water Regimes on Total Water Use, Water Use Efficiency and Yield of Short and Medium Duration Rice Varieties
97Response of Rice Yield to  Zinc Effect of Different Water Regims on Growth, Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Fertilization in Ngazun Towship
98Growth and Yield of Rice as Affected by Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers under Saline Water Irrigation
99Effect of Different Water Regims on Growth, Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)
100Effect of Zinc Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Yield Components of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) In Different Soils of Zayarthari and Oattarathari Township
101Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application and Boron on Yield and Yield Components of rice (Oryza sativa L)
102Comparison of Different Fertilizers Application on Yield and Benefits of Rice
  • ACIAR Project SMCN/2014/044 is “Management of Nutrients for Improved Profitability and Sustainability of Crop Production in Central Myanmar”.
  • ACIAR Project LWR/2014/075 is Land Resource evaluation for productive and resilient landscapes in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar.