Division of Capacity Building


The Division of Capacity Building afford to upgrade and/or modify the existing postgraduate courses/programmes of YAU to make them robust and in line with latest being offered across the globe in the context of Myanmar agriculture and implementation of the curriculum will bridge the technology gap that exists in critical areas and help in the use of the new techniques of molecular biology specially molecular marker assisted plant breeding to develop varieties with inbuilt resistance to various diseases and insect pests. In addition the programme in Postharvest technology will go a long way in not only reducing postharvest losses but also processing and value addition for higher income to farmers and promoting exports of the processed products.


  • To organize need based short term training courses for up gradation of faculty, teachers and extension personnel
  • To develop online library and serve as repository of related literature
  • To support the research programs of the other Divisions

M.Sc & PhD Program

  • Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
  • Food Engineering & Technology
  • Agricultural Extension

Non-degree Course

  • Soil Testing
  • Morphological and molecular diagnosis of major diseases, insects and nematode pets of crops
  • Entrepreneurship development in rural areas
  • Agricultural extension specialists (training to agricultural graduates on various crop production, protection, water management and postharvest technologies for dissemination to farmers)

Training Programs for Faculty, Technical Personnel and Farmer

  • Quality seed production technology
  • Molecular technique for crop improvement
  • Postharvest management of horticultural produce for fresh marketing
  • Processing and value addition of cereal and pulses
  • Empowerment of Rural Youth through participatory extension methodology
  • Management Development for Extension Professionals
  • Gender Issues and Empowerment in Agriculture

The postgraduate curriculum at YAU has been revised by discussion among faculty of YAU and Indian Agricultural Research Institute and finalized in the first stakeholder conference inaugurated by Dr. Aung Thu, the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Myanmar. In new curriculum major emphasis has also been given to practical training in cutting edge technologies.

Dr. Nyo Mar Htwe
Head of Department
PhD, University of the Philippines Los Baños
Plant Breeding, Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Management, Crop Production and Management

email: dr.nyomarhtwe@yau.edu.mm

Dr. Myint Aye
Associate Professor
PhD, University of the Philippines Los Baños
Plant Breeding, Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Management, Crop Physiology, Crop Production and Management

email: myintaye@yau.edu.mm

Daw Thi Thi Myint
PhD (Ongoing), G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
Plant Physiology, Plant Systematic

email: thithimyint@yau.edu.mm

Daw Hsu Yadanar Nge
B.Agr.Sc., Yezin Agricultural University
email: hsuyadanarnge@yau.edu.mm


NoResearch ActivitiesLeader and Co-worker(s)
1.Screening of Anaerobic Germination in F6 Generation of Rice derived from Three-Way CrossesNyo Mar Htwe, Hsu Yadanar Nge, Yin Mon Oo
2.Selection of Short Duration Lines among Mutant Ayar Min RiceNyo Mar Htwe, Hsu Yadanar Nge
3.Generation Advanced F4 Population and BC1F4 PopulationNyo Mar Htwe, Hsu Yadanar Nge
4.Selection of BBH Resistance Lines F5 Population and BC1F5 PopulationNyo Mar Htwe, Hsu Yadanar Nge
5.Evaluation of Yield Components Trait and Grain Quality Trait in Selective Mutant LinesNyo Mar Htwe, Hsu Yadanar Nge
6.Effect of AWD and Rice Varieties on Methane Emission (Collaboration with FAO and SLM Project)Nyo Mar Htwe, Yezarni Ko Ko Htwe, Hayman Soe
7.Farmer Participatory Rice Varietal Selection in Tharzi TownshipNyo Mar Htwe, Su Latt Phyu, Khant Sandar Htet
8.Selection of Salt Tolerant Rice Genotypes Through Farmer Participation in MaHlaing Township (Collaboration with Cesvi and ADB)Nyo Mar Htwe, Myint Aye, Hsu Yadanar Nge