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The Division of New Genetics is for harnessing the untapped potential of Mendelian genetics and biotechnologies including molecular breeding and transgenic and impart training in modern techniques of new genetics.


  • Development and adoption of rice technology, standardization of seed production technology and farmer’s participatory seed production
  • Breeding for Climate Smart Rice (CSR) utilizing marker assisted selection for resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Rice bio-fortification with iron, zinc and pro-vitamin A
  • Pre-breeding and participatory breeding for enhancing genetic efficiency and genetic diversity

Teaching program

Postgraduate Courses
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSemester
MBB-610*Fundamentals of Molecular Biology3L + 0 PI
MBB-611/GPP-605Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture2L + 1PI
MBB-612*Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes2L + 2PI
MBB-613Industrial Biotechnology2L + 0PI
MBB-622**Principles of Genetic Engineering2L + 2PII
MBB-623Biology of Stress Tolerance in Plants3L + 0PII
MBB-624/GPP-615Plant Gene Expression And Regulation3L + 0PII
MBB-630Plant Molecular Genetics3L + 0PI
MBB-631*/GPP-624Development of Gene Concept3L + 0PI
MBB-632**/GPP-620Introduction To Molecular Plant Breeding2L + 1PI
MBB-633Bio-safety , IPR and Bioethics3L + 0PII
MBB-634Advances in Genetic Engineering3L + 0PII
MBB-635**Introductory Genomics And Bioinformatics2L + 1PII
MBB-691Seminar For M.Agr.Sc. (One)1I & II
MBB-692Seminar For Ph.D. (Two)1I & II
MBB-698Research For M.Agr.Sc.16
MBB-699Research For Ph.D.35

*Core Course at M.Agr.Sc.

** Core Course at Ph.D.

Minor Subjects: Genetics and Plant Breeding

Dr. Than Myint Htun
Deputy Director
Head of Division
Ph.D, M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc
email: than12htun@gmail.com

Daw Aye Nyein Chan
Assistant Director
Ph.D (Candidate), M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc
email: ayenyeinchan@yau.edu.mm

Daw Me Me Aung
Assistant Research Officer
M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc
email: memeaung826@gmail.com

Daw Hsu Yi Mon
Senior Research Assistant
M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc (YAU)
email: hsuyi.agri@gmail.com

Daw Phyu Phyu Oo
Senior Research Assistant
M.Agr.Sc (Candidate), B.Agr.Sc
email: phyuooyau@gmail.com

Daw Yin Mon Oo
Senior Research Assistant
email: yinmonoo@yau.edu.mm

  • Development of high yielding and diseases resistant varieties
  • Genetic enhancement for biotic and abiotic stress resistance through germplasm exchange and pre-breeding (Breeders, pathologists and physiologists)
  • Using molecular techniques (MAS) for incorporation of biotic and abiotic stress resistance in locally adapted varieties.

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