Division of Participatory Knowledge Management


The programme in Participatory Knowledge Management is envisaged to develop and implement relevant state-of-art models for effective and efficient transfer of scientific and technological know-how to the farmers and other stakeholders. Towards these objective four villages namely Thar Yar Kone, Chaung Sauk, Aung Pan and Gone Min Kwin have been selected where base line survey has been completed and constraints identified for increased production and income.


  • To carry out basic and strategic research in the area of extension education
  • To carry out advanced education programmes leading to PhD degree in agricultural extension to meet the trained man-power requirements
  • To carry out advanced training programmes to impact knowledge, skill and desired orientation to the persons engaged in teaching, research and transfer of technology
  • To empower the farmers through capacity building to enable them to assume the roles of model farmers
  • To render to expertise support, advisory and consultancy services in technology information dissemination


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*Core Course at M.Agr.Sc.

**Core Course at Ph.D.

Minor subjects: Ag. Economics or Agronomy

Faculty Members

Dr. Shwe Mar Than
Deputy Director
Head of Division
PhD, M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc
Email: dr.shwemarthan@yau.edu.mm

Daw Yin Yin Thant
Assistant Research Officer
M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc
Email: yinyinthant1@yau.edu.mm
Daw Yee Phyo Mon
Assistant Research Officer
M.C.Tech, B.C.Tech (UCSY)
Email: yeephyomon@yau.edu.mm
Daw Yin Nyein Aye
Senior Research Assistant
M.Agr.Sc (Candidate), B.Agr.Sc
Email: yinnyeinaye@yau.edu.mm


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