Division of Participatory Knowledge Management


The programme in Participatory Knowledge Management is envisaged to develop and implement relevant state-of-art models for effective and efficient transfer of scientific and technological know-how to the farmers and other stakeholders. Towards these objective four villages namely Thar Yar Kone, Chaung Sauk, Aung Pan and Gone Min Kwin have been selected where base line survey has been completed and constraints identified for increased production and income.


  • To carry out basic and strategic research in the area of extension education
  • To carry out advanced education programmes leading to PhD degree in agricultural extension to meet the trained man-power requirements
  • To carry out advanced training programmes to impact knowledge, skill and desired orientation to the persons engaged in teaching, research and transfer of technology
  • To empower the farmers through capacity building to enable them to assume the roles of model farmers
  • To render to expertise support, advisory and consultancy services in technology information dissemination

Teaching program

Postgraduate Courses
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSemester
AEE-601*Fundamentals of Extension Education3L + 0 PI
AEE-602*Fundamentals of Communication2L + 1PI
AEE-603*Diffusion And Adoption of Innovations2L + 1PII
AEE-604*Methods of Social Research2L + 1PII
AEE-605Fundamentals Of Management in Extension3L + 0PI
AEE-606Rural Sociology3L + 0PI
AEE-607E-Extension And Knowledge Management2L + 1PII
AEE-608Participatory Methods for Technology Development And Transfer2L + 1PII
AEE-609Gender Sensitization for Development2L + 1PI
AEE-611Advanced Farm management3L + 0PII
AEE-621Agricultural Journalism2L + 1PI
AEE-622Organizational Behaviour2L + 1PII
AEE-623Training For Human Resource Development2L + 1PI
AEE-624Entrepreneurship Development2L + 1PII
AEE-651**Advances in Agricultural Extension3L + 0PI
AEE-652**Monitoring, Evaluation And Impact Assessment Techniques2L + 1PII
AEE-653**Techniques of Measurement in Behavioral Sciences2L + 1PI
AEE-654**Advanced Instructional Technologies2L + 1PII
AEE-691Seminar For M.Agr.Sc. (One)1I & II
AEE-692Seminar For Ph.D. (Two)1I & II
AEE-698Research For M.Agr.Sc.16
AEE-699Research For Ph.D.35

*Core Course at M.Agr.Sc.

** Core Course at Ph.D.

Minor Subjects: Ag.Economics or Agronomy

Dr. Shwe Mar Than
Associate Professor
Head of Division
PhD, M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc
email: dr.shwemarthan.yau.edu.mm

Daw Yin Yin Thant
Assistant Lecturer
M.Agr.Sc, B.Agr.Sc
email:  yinyinthant1@yau.edu.mm

Daw Yee Phyo Mon
Assistant Research Officer
M.C.Tech, B.C.Tech (UCSY)
email: yeephyomon@yau.edu.mm

Daw Yin Nyein Aye
M.Agr.Sc (Candidate), B.Agr.Sc

Research Interest of PKMD

(1) Technology Adoption
(2) E-extension and Extension Methods
(3) Rural Sociology and Behavior Science
(4) Food and Nutrition Security
(5) Resource Allocation and Efficiency
(6) Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
(7) Value Chain Studies

Departmental Researches
No.Research TitleResearcherName of Project
1.Socioeconomic Conditions and Perception of Climate Change in Rice Varietal Selection by Smallholder Farmers in MyanmarDr. Shwe Mar Than & Thadar HtweJICA-TCP
2.Rice Varietal Assessment for Climate Change from Socioeconomic Point of View: A Case Study in Myitthar TownshipDr. Shwe Mar Than & Daw Yin Nyein AyeJICA-TCP
3.Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation Strategy : A Case Study Middle of MyanmarDr. Shwe Mar Than, Daw Yin Nyein Aye & Daw Yin Yin ThantNCCSA (FAO)
4.Value Chain Development for Small Ruminants in Natmauk Township, Central Dry ZoneDr. Shwe Mar Than, Daw Yin Nyein Aye & Daw Yin Yin ThantACIAR/LS/2014/056
5.Constraints and Opportunities for Cattle Farmers in Myaing Township, Central Dry ZoneDr. Shwe Mar Than, Daw Yin Yin Thant & Daw Yin Nyein AyeACIAR/LS/2016/132
6.Analysis of Fruit and Vegetables Value Chain in MyanmarDr. Shwe Mar Than, Daw Yin Yin Thant & Daw Yin Nyein AyeADB-CABI (52239-001)
Students’ Researches
No.Research TitleStudentsSupervisorName of Project
1.Impact of land Fragmentation on Income of Farm Households in Yamethain TownshipSoe Min Tun
Dr. Nay Myo Aung &
Dr. Shwe Mar Than
Partially funded by ACARE
2.Impacts of integrated farming system on rural livelihoods and nutrition security in Hakha Township, Chin StateNandar Min Than
MAE- 2
Dr. Shwe Mar ThanMIID
3.Study on Attitude and Knowledge of ICT- based Agricultural Extension Services in Farm Communication in Tatkon TownshipWai Phyo Aung
Dr. Nay Myo Aung &
Dr. Shwe Mar Than
Partially funded by ACARE
4.Factors Influencing Farmers’ Adoption of Soil Conservation Practices in Chin State, Hakha TownshipKay Thwe Moe
Dr. Shwe Mar ThanMIID
5.Knowledge Level and Determinants of Adoption of Good Agricultural Practices of Mango Growers in Central MyanmarKyaw Min
Dr. Nyein Nyein Htwe,
Dr. Nay Myo Aung, & Daw Yin Yin Thant
Partially funded by ACARE
6.Knowledge Assessment for Development of Elephant Foot Yam Value-added Enterprises in Hakha TownshipTin Maung Lwin
Dr. Shwe Mar ThanMIID
7.Farmer’s Preference to Accept on Different Modes of Agricultural Extension in Tatkon TownshipKyaw Zayar Myo
Dr.Yazar Hein &
Dr. Nyein Nyein Htwe
Partially funded by ACARE
8.Farmers’ Attitude And Adoption Of Certified Rice Seed Utilization And Its Effect On Their Income In Lewe TownshipKyaw Nyi Nyi Htut
Dr. Hnin Yu Lwin , &
Dr. Nyein Nyein Htwe
Partially funded by ACARE
9.Economics of Migration and its Impact on Rural Livelihood in Meikhtila TownshipZin Thu Thu Khing
Dr. Nay Myo Aung , &
Dr. Shwe Mar Than
Partially funded by ACARE
10.Water Productivity Analysis In Sate Nyan -Ayeyarwaddy River Water Pumping Project Area In Myin Gyan TownshipZaw Myo Htut,
Dr. Nay Myo Aung, &
Dr. Shwe Mar Than
Partially funded by ACARE
11.Assessment Of The Role Of Mass Media In The Dissemination Of Agricultural Information Among Farmers In Pyimana TownshipHnin Hnin Hling
Dr. Nyein Nyein Htwe, & Daw Yin Yin ThantPartially funded by ACARE
12.Constraints and Opportunities faced by the Different Typology of Small Ruminants Households and their Impact on Rural Livelihood in Thazi TownshipEi Ei Phyo
Dr. Shwe Mar Than, &
Dr. Aye AyeKhing
13.Constraints and Opportunities Of Cattle Production Along Value Chain In Yamethin TownshipSaung Sandar Aung
Dr. Shwe Mar Than &
Dr. Htay Htay Oo
14.Participation Of Women In Farming And Non- Farming Activities And Decision Making Behavior In Rural Community, DekkhinaThiri TownshipYoun Khin Khin Min
Dr. Nyein Nyein Htwe &
Dr. Hnin Yu Lwin
Partially funded by ACARE
15.Potential of Yield and Profits Improvement by Adoption of Systematic Nitrogen Fertilization Technology for Monsoon Rice Cultivation in Tatkon TownshipAy Mi Mi Zin
Dr. Shwe Mar Than, &
Dr. Swe Swe Mar

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