Planning & Management Task Force:


Planning and Management Task Force taking responsibility to coordinate the implementation of the project activities in collaboration with Edu TF and Res. TF.


1. Organize bi-weekly Task Force members meeting and the TCP regular meeting such as meeting invitation, taking master of ceremony, preparation of meeting agenda and records of meeting minutes. Up to now, we set 58th times of YAU JICA TCP regular meeting.

2. Survey of the university management to understand current situation of YAU and improve YAU education and research system, several types of survey were conducted.

3. Writing up monitoring survey reports

4. Preparation for Project Design Matrix (PDM), Plan of Operation (PO), formulation of activities guideline Facilitate or  manage

Future Plan

  • Prepared for YAU 5-Year Plan
  • Writing up YAU project Phase II plan in coordination with Edu. TF & Res. TF. “Research capacity of Research Capacity Development of Yezin Agricultural University: Center for Agricultural Research and Development (CARD)”