The Himalayan University Consortium is a network of 86 universities and higher education institutions in 8 Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) countries and other parts of the world, aiming to promote regional and global collaboration in mountain-focused, HKH-specific research and education. The network engages top-notch professional women and men capable of undertaking high quality research and training in service of sustainable, fair and inclusive development for upstream and downstream communities. The Secretariat is hosted by its founding member, the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).
Through the collaborations, HUC partners develop, share, and adopt curricula designed to train students to meet present mountain challenges and those of the future. HUC encourages and facilitates mountain-specific research, education, outreach, and practice to build a new generation of transformational leaders committed to advancing HKH-specific research and innovative policy solutions.
Since 2016, Yezin Agricultural University has been an active member of the HUC and has made significant contributions to its growth. At present, the Consortium has reached nearly 90 members across 8 Hindu Kush Himalayan countries and from outside of the HKH region. The HUC has gained important visibility in Myanmar through its activites jointly led by its members in the country. YAU plays an important role in Myanmar through the active participation in fostering in-country and regional collaboration in research and sicence-policy interface, in service of a sustainable, farir and inclusive development for the hilly regions.
Goal: Regional academic institutions capable of generating high-quality knowledge, capacity, and skills for sustainable mountain development in the HKH.
Outcomes: Enhanced collaboration and networking among Himalayan universities leading to increased capacity of professional women and men for sustainable mountain development through mountain-specific education.
Geo coverage: The Himalayan University Consortium’s reach extends the full breadth of the HKH region and travels beyond its borders.