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International Relations Office
Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar

Inbound Mobility Programs for International Experts and Volunteers

Warmly welcome to International Experts and Volunteers!

Experts & Volunteers

  • In 2017, 8 Experts from India and 1 Expert from China;

  • In 2018, 3 Experts from Isreal, 1 Expert from EU, 4 Expert from China and 6 Experts for from Thailand;

  • In 2019, 1 Expert from America, 1 Expert from Korea, 1 Expert from China and 1 Expert from Thailand;

  • In 2020, 1 Expert from Japan

Information for International Experts/ Volunteers

Yezin Agricultural University welcomes staff members from universities around the world to enhance international cooperation in teaching and research.

Yezin Agricultural University receives many visiting academics throughout the year to all its Faculties via various platforms; viz.

  1. Fellowships

  2. International Student Credit Mobility

  3. Staff Exchange Programs between Universities

  4. Delegations/Visits

Prior Your Visit

Please contact International Relations Office 2 months ahead for the official approval from the ministry.


The official website of the Yangon International Airport

provides answers to all your questions regarding Arrival in Myanmar, Immigration and Customs regulations, Baggage, Banks and Currency exchange.

English Language Requirements

A majority of lectures at the Yezin Agricultural University are conducted in English.


Please check the visa requirement at the following links.

If you require assistance with obtaining a visa to study at Yezin Agricultural University, contact the International Relations Office, leaving a period of at least three months for the processing of the visa.


If you are staying at accommodation provided by the University (University residences), please obey the rules and regulations imposed by respective hostel (time of arrival, departure etc.)

In Case of Emergency

You can contact,

  • Your supervisor/ Lecturer in charge from the faculty

  • International Affairs Office – 067-3-416688, 09-883864886

  • 199 (outside the University local emergency)

Rice paddy

Reach Us

International Relations Office

Convocation Building, 1st Floor,

Yezin Agricultural University,

150501, Yezin, Zayarthiri Township,

Nay Pyi Taw, MYANMAR


Office: +95-67-3-416688

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