Welcome to Yezin Agricultural Universtiy

The Yezin Agricultural University has a total area of 360 acres and there is a variety of centers and associations for the students coming from all over the country. The university is not only a center of science and technology, but also the place which helps students preserving their cultures, talents and social status. Namely, they are Literature and Culture Association of the National Races, Fine Arts Association, Religious Association, States and Divisions Family Groups , English Speaking Club, Agronomy Society, Floriculture Association, Soil Science Association, Agricultural Engineering Association, Yezin Agricultural University Information Technology Association and Sports and Gymnastics Club. Academically, the university has various fields of applied scientific researches and surveys where students can participate according to their interest. Being the only one University of its Kind in Myanmar, Yezin Agricultural University serves as the contributor for national agricultural development and human resource development programs.

Primary Functions of YAU

  1. Teaching and Training
  2. Research
  3. Extension
  4. Preservation and Promotion of National and Local Culture