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Master of Agricultural Science Program

Master of Agricultural Science



Admission to Master of Agricultural Science Program


Applicant holding the Bachelor of Agricultural Science Degree for the regular M.Agr.Sc program and or if applied to Master Program of Advanced Center of Agricultural Research and Education (ACARE), an equivalent degree from a recognized University) is eligible. Applicant needs to get permission from his/her respective department if he or she is working under the government organization.

Entrance Exam:   All applicants have to take the written exam (related subject and English). Applicant who passed the written exam has to take the oral exam arranged by the Academic board of YAU.


Specialized majors offered to the regular M.Agr.Sc. degree program

1. Agronomy

2. Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology

3. Soil and Water Science

4. Plant Pathology

5. Entomology

6. Horticulture

7. Agricultural Economics

8. Agricultural Extension

9. Food Science and Technology

10. Agricultural Microbiology

11. Agricultural Biotechnology