Message from TCP Office

YAU started to introduce credit hours system of education for the first year students of 2017 intake with the supports of JICA TCP activities. In 2018, the curriculum for five years education for students of 2017 and 2018 intake was formulated based on the curriculum framework prepared by JICA TCP. The curriculum framework was discussed in YAU and made revision several times. Here the initial framework prepared by JICA TCP in May 2018 and final version in Nov. 2018 were shown. Points of the curriculum framework developed in May 2018 are as follows; 1. Minimum requirement of total credit numbers is internationalized and standardized. 2. The hierarchy structure of curriculum is developed for the consideration of curriculum map and credit exchange and transfer in future. 3. The general education and specialized education are clearly defined. The following points were considered for improvement of final version developed in Nov. 2018. 1. The number of selected subjects in general education is limited. 2. The number of subjects in specialized education seemed to be exceeded. 3. In general education, internationally recognized textbooks are recommended to use.


                                                                                                    Atsushi Yoshimura

                                                                                                 Chief Advisor

                                                                                                    YAU JICA TCP

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