New Genetics

New Genetics Division is one of the Divisions of Advance Centre of Agricultural Research and Education under Yezin Agricultural University. The mission and vision of this department is to establish the sector of molecular breeding and biotechnology along with Mendelian genetics and  molecular genetics. The master and Ph.D. course are offered by this division for advanced agricultural education. The human resources in this division are as followed:

No. Name Position Remark
1. Dr. Than Myint Htun Deputy Director Head
2. Daw Aye Nyein Chan Assistant Research Officer Member
3. Daw Phyu Phyu Oo Senior Research Assistant Member
4. Daw Hsu Yi Mon Senior Research Assistant Member
5. Daw Yin Mon Oo Senior Research Assistant Member



  1. To develop new varieties with improving character by using new genetic technologies
  2. To improve genetic effectiveness of new variety and to participate in the plant breeding process for releasing new varieties

Activities during 2017-2018 academic year    

There are one PhD and six master students in this division who are studying the molecular breeding and biotechnology courses theoretically and practically. The activities like presenting the subject correlated with course are performing to improve the students’ ability of English speaking and communication each other.

The courses which offered in first semester

Course code Course Title
MBB-612 Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
MBB-610 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
MBB-632 Introduction to Molecular Plant Breeding
MBB-623 Biology of Stress tolerance in plant




Explaining the usage of lab equipment by New Genetics Heady

Students’ activities

Presentation about application of Endnote Software

Excursion to Rice Bio Park in Department of Agricultural Research

Explained by Professor Dr.Mehta for precaution of using lab equipments

Students’ activities on presenting the topic related to the course

Students’ activities on PCR Mastermix

Using PCR machine

Practical Training For Gel Electrophoresis

Looking DNA band with Gel Documentary



The courses which will offer in first semester during 2018-2019 Academic year

Course Code Course Title
MBB-610 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
MBB-632 Introduction to Molecular Plant Breeding
MBB-612 Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
MBB-635 Introductory genomics and bioinformatics


Teachers and students had been trained by Technicians from India to be capable of molecular biotechnological machines.

No. Lists of machines
1 Centrifuge
2 Automatic Autoclave
3 Chiller
4 PCR (Thermal Cycler)
5 Water Purification System
6 Gel Electrophoresis
7 Gel Documentary
8 Freezer
9 Glassware Washer
10 Freeze Dryer
11 Vortex
12 Spinner
13 Balance
14 Multi Pipette channel
15 Microwave Oven
16 Oven Dryer

Explained by technician how to use Automatic Autoclave

Using with Glassware Washer

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