Establishment of common laboratories under JICA Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) management

There are four laboratories located in the downstairs of Experiment and Lecture Building (ELB) 1. YAU and JICA TCP are using two laboratories for an office and a meeting room. The other two rooms were requested to the Rector of YAU to open under the management of JICA TCP. It is highly expected that YAU continuously maintains the concept of the common laboratory to enhance the research activities in YAU.


The purposes of establishment of common laboratories under JICA TCP management are

1. To provide the common use environment among users for research facility, space, equipment, chemicals reagents, etc.

2. To promote building up of sharing culture of laboratory facilities and equipment.

3. To efficiently operate the laboratory for experimental purposes in YAU.

4. To encourage the users of common laboratories to follow the rules and regulations for effective management and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

5. To smoothly perform the research activities in the coming Phase II project from JICA.

Atsushi Yoshimura

Chief Advisor


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