Postgraduate Diploma Program

Admission for Post graduate Diploma program

  • Candidate must finish bachelor degree program in Agriculture or equivalent qualification.
  • Candidate should have at least 2-year experience as permanent government staff and get permission from any respective department.
Entrance exam

Applicant has to take the oral examination arranged by the Academic board of YAU. Applicant is allowed to sit for the entrance exam only two times.

Duration and requirement

It takes three semesters for this program and minimum 28 credits (20 credits for course work and 8 credits for dissertation) are required to be awarded the Post Graduate Diploma Certificate.

Post-graduate Diploma Program Name of the degree Full : Post-graduate Diploma Abbreviation : Grad. Dip.Ag.Sc.
Subject Credit
Major 16
Supporting* 3
Seminar 1
Research 8
Total 28
* Advanced Biometric
Post-graduate Program (ACARE)
Subject Master Program Doctoral Program
Major 21 13
Minor 8 12
Supporting* 4 3
Seminar 1 2
Research 16 35
Total 50 65
* Advanced Biometric for Master Program

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