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Department of Horticulture

Department Research

  1. Effect of different mother stock on the success of graft union and scion growth in mango, Dr. Saw Hto Lwi Htoo, Daw Myo Myat Myat, Daw Shin Min Thi, 2019-2020

  2. Effects of pre and postharvest applications of salicylic scid on postharvest quality of broccoli, Dr. Poe Nandar Kyaw, Daw Myo Myat Myat, Daw Shin Min Thi, 2019-2020

  3. Fruit growth and development of Sein-Ta-Lone mango as an effect of leaf –spur ratio, Dr. Min Zarni Aung, Dr. Wai Wai Lwin, 2021-2022

  4. Morphological characterization of 50 tomato introgression lines of drought resistant donor line, Dr. San Shwe Myint, Dr. Wai Wai Lwin, 2021-2022

Postgraduate Research

  1. Modeling leaf growth, dry matter production and partitioning of okra under varying concentration of Paclobutrazol (PBZ), Aung Moe Hein, Dr. San Shwe Myint, 2021-2022

  2. Effect of stem-water potential on group of nursery–stage grapevine rootstocks, Kyawt Kay Thwe, Dr. Min Zar Ni Aung, 2021-2022

  3. Different drying methods on proximate composition photo-chemical content and antioxidant activity of traditional leafy vegetables in Myanmar, Nan Yu, Dr. Wai Wai Lwin, 2021-2022

Undergraduate Research

  1. Effects of different packaging materials on postharvest quality of clorox-treated tomatoes under two storage temperature, H-2-1, Dr. Yi Yi Soe, 2021

  2. Effect of different fertilizer applications on the plant growth, yield and quality of cabbage, H-2-2, Dr. Saw Hto Lwi Htoo, 2021

  3. Effect of different fertilizer treatments on the plant growth, yield and quality of cauliflower, H-2-3, U Kyaw Min Swe, 2021

  4. Low cost media of dragon fruit, H-1-1, Dr.Khin Thida Myint, 2021

  5. Mutagenic effects of Gamma radation on M2 generation of tomato, H-1-2, Dr.Moe Kyaw Thu, 2021

  6. Micropropagation of dragon fruit, H-1, Dr.Khin Thida Myint, 2022

  7. Study on the Morphology Classification of Garden Croton varieties in YAU Campus, H-2, Dr. Saw Hto Lwi Htoo, 2022

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