Rules and Regulations

Rules for the use of Common Laboratories 3 and 4 have been set up, which should be followed until the completion of YAU- JICATCP project

1. Laboratory 3, in principle, is a general laboratory for biology and chemistry experiment and office space.

2. Laboratory 4 is an installation and working space for high-value analytical equipment such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (Gas chromatography, GC), etc. Laboratory 4 is maintained as an analytical laboratory.

3. Basically, the users must use the items in the common laboratories and bring consumables needed. Do not take them away.

4. When the users finished to use the equipment, they must return them to their original places.

5. The users must sign in the notebook prepared and record the items and period of time they used.

6. Dr. Yu Yu Min was officially appointed as a coordinator of the use of common laboratories. The users are required to contact her whenever necessary.

Priority of Users of Common Laboratory 3 and 4

1. Those belonging to the newly established four departments.

2. Experiments and training of long-term and short-term experts of YAU JICATCP.

3. Participants in the JICA Pilot Research Program and those who do not have experimental items and space.

4. In case of Common Laboratory 4, equipment such as HPLC, AAS and GC are widely opened for users based on the request.

5. User’s information is shared with the Rector, YAU, and JICA TCP monthly by the coordinator.

These rules should be maintained until the implementation of phase II project.

Nang Hseng Hom                                    Atsushi Yoshimura

Rector                                                   Chief Advisor

YAU                                                          JICA TCP

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