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Request Concerning the Recommendation of Tokyo NODAl Special Exchange Students to Tokyo University of Agriculture


First of all, I express my sincere gratitude for your longstanding cooperation and understanding with regard to internationalization of Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo NODAl).

Regarding the matter stated in the title, I am writing to request your strict screening and recommendation, based on your full understanding of the purpose of this program, of outstanding students from your university to pursue study of a specialized field for four years as full -time regular students in undergraduate faculties at Tokyo NODAL.

The purpose of this program is to develop outstanding human resources in the fields of agriculture and life sciences with a long-term perspective. In particular, it is to develop leaders of overseas industry as well as researchers and educators for universities of higher learning and research in Japan and other countries. It is also our expectation that persons who receive financial assistance under this program will, following graduation, become key persons who playa bridging role between your university and Tokyo NODAL.

Those you recommend will, after selection, be permitted to enter this university as Tokyo NODAl special exchange students, and they will receive exemption of their tuition and other fees here in accordance with the regulations on reduction and exemption of tuition an d other such fees of Tokyo University of Agriculture Educational Corporation.

This program is a measure that al so contributes to Tokyo NODAl’s promotion of internationalization, and it has been expanded from one undergraduate faculty to include all the faculties from the 2016 academic year.

This does not mean, however, that all the departments have established programs to receive these students. There are some departments in which students can graduate by taking only courses in English, departments that offer courses held in Japanese, and department s that at the present stage do not accept Tokyo NODAl special exchange students . Therefore, we ask that you encourage the recommended students to check the attached list of acceptance conditions.

In addition, the number of partner universities has been increasing over the past several years, and as a result, this request from Tokyo NODAl may not be made every year.

Since this is a program of special scholarships, persons who have outstanding academic records, who are in good health, who are of optimistic and active character, and who are able to participate actively in official university events , are sui t able for recommendation .

In addition to exempt ion of tuition fees, Tokyo NODAl will also provide scholarship funds (the expected amount is JPY 45,000 per month) to those students who apply and a rescreened and selected. For those studying in the departments and major programs at the Setagaya campus, we also provide student dormitory residence (unmarried students only) and dormitory fee exemptions for the four years while registered as an undergraduate student. Students not residing in the dormitory but instead wishing to live in nearby apartments must do so entirely at their own expense. Living in Japan entails a lot of costs (a student will have to bear approx. JPY 50,000 even if he /she receives scholarship), and we ask that the recommended students to be made aware of this.

A review of the qualifications of Tokyo NODAl special exchange students is conducted each year. If a determination is made that a student’s grades and conduct are not appropriate, the student will lose hi s or her qualifications, and consequently, Tokyo NODAl special exchange students should strive for self-improvement and serve as model students at the university at all times, even in their private activities.

The cut-off date for recommendations is October 31, 2017. Documents must arrive by that date, so please submit applications well in advance. Since selection is based on the submitted documents, we ask that eligibility requirements and necessary documentation be checked with care.

This program is one of the most important feature of the exchange between your university and Tokyo NODAl in accordance with the agreement concluded between us, and I hope that the program will contribute to development and collaboration of both universities.



Katsumi Takano


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