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Department of Participatory Knowledge Management

The department of Participatory Knowledge Management has been integrated as a part of Advance Centre for Agricultural Research and Education (ACARE) with an understanding that the department is working on methods of converting scientific knowledge to the farmers and other stakeholders. The research and education in agricultural extension is at its nascent stage in Myanmar and the field of participatory knowledge management is taken care of Myanmar Agricultural Service. Accordingly, DPKM also envisages introduction of advanced courses in the participatory knowledge management, research programs in agricultural knowledge sharing and designing and validation of relevant participatory model for effective dissemination of technology information to the users at the field level. Once these models/ approaches are validated they can be replicated by the Myanmar Agricultural Service across the country. The DPKM carry out research work in on-farm technology assessment and refinement with active participation of the farmers and other stakeholders in order to develop knowledge management system emphasizing the location specific technologies, which hastens the rate of adoption of such technologies.

For the purpose of effectively and efficiently transferring scientific and technological know-how to farmers and other stakeholders, DPKM intends to develop and implement relevant state-of-the-art models. The specific objectives of DPKM are:
1. To conduct fundamental and strategic research in the area of participatory knowledge management for Myanmar agricultural and rural development
2. To undertake graduate-level programs leading to PhDs in participatory knowledge management in order to meet the need for professionals.
3. To empower farmers with the necessary skills through capacity development so they can act as role models for other farmers.
4. To render to expertise support, advisory and consultancy services in participatory knowledge management for Myanmar agricultural and rural development.

Our vision is to establish a culture and environment of participatory knowledge management that is of the highest caliber, working to increase individual’s and organizations' capacity to capture, adapt, transfer, and reuse knowledge assets for better performance and innovation in agriculture and agribusiness.

Dr. Yarzar Hein

Associate Professor

Head of Department

Ph.D. (Agri & Resource Economics)

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

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Zayarthiri Township,

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.


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