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Research is the mainstream of Yezin Agricultural University providing information for technical development and practical application. Students’ research, departmental research, collaborative research, and international research projects are being done with government budget, funding from international organizations as well as private companies, and individuals.

The research trend of Yezin Agricultural University has been agricultural production, agricultural environment, and social science and agricultural economics. Some of the research works are published biennial YAU journal while many are in the proceedings of domestic and international conferences. Research collaborations are encouraged both for individuals and departments.

Research Focus on Agronomy

(1) Crop Agronomy, (2) Crop Nutrition, (3) Crop Management, (4) Planting Arrangement

(5) Crop Physiology, (6) Environment Friendly Management, (7) Postharvest Technology

(8) Crop Quality Management

Research Focus on Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology

(1) Varietal evaluation for field crops: rice, maize and mungbean, (2) Breeding for recombinant inbred lines in rice, (3) Double haploid rice breeding, (4) Chromosome counting, (5) Molecular maker assistant selection in rice for biotic and abiotic stresses, (6) Physiological response of local rice, (7) Mutation breeding

Research Focus on Soil and Water Science

(1) Soil Fertility Evaluation and Management, (2) Fertilizer and Manure, (3) Plant Nutrition, (4) Water Management

Research Focus on Plant Pathology

(1) Identification of crop diseases, (2) Race detection of pathogens, (3) Screening of crop varieties resistance to some major diseases, (4) Chemical control of crop diseases, (5) Integrated disease management practices

Research Focus on Entomology

(1) Diversity and Distribution, (2) Species Exploration, (3) Conservation Biology, (4) Insect and Non-Insect Pests Control, (5) Host Plant Resistance, (6) Pesticide Residue, (7) Pesticide Resistance

Research Focus on Horticulture

(1)Sustainable Horticultural Crops Production, (2) Drought Tolerant on Cabbage Production, (3) Plant Tissue Culture, (4) Postharvest Technology on Horticultural Crops, (5) Analysis on Home Garden, (6) GAP on Vegetable Growing, (7) Hormone Application on Mango for Growth and Development, (8) Stock Scion Relationship on Mango

Research Focus on Agricultural Economics

(1) Value chain analysis, (2) Agribusiness management, (3) Rural livelihoods and development, (4) Agricultural policy analysis, (5) Natural resource management

Research Focus on Agricultural Microbiology

(1) Soil Health and Plant Disease Management, (2) Recycling of Agricultural Wastes Using Microbial Consortia, (3) Beneficial Microorganisms in Sustainable Agriculture, (4) Cropping Pattern, Distribution of Plant Parasitic Nematodes on Rice, Pulses and Sesame and Management, (5) Identification, Characterization and Screening of Potential Biocontrol Agents

Research Focus on Agricultural Extension

(1) Agricultural extension strategies and methodologies, (2) Communication strategies,

(3) Gender and women empowerment, (4) Human ecology and community studies, (5) Rural livelihood and development

Research Focus on Agricultural Biotechnology

(1) Marker Assisted Breeding, (2) Molecular identification of plant and insect species, (3) Drought Tolerance Associated Gene Analysis in Rice, (4) Genetic diversity of Fruits

Research Focus on Food Science and Technology

(1) Food Processing, (2) Food Preservation, (3) Natural Food Colorants, (4) Value Added Food Products, (5) Food Safety and Quality Management, (6) Food System and Nutrition

Research Focus on Animal Science

(1)Feed and Feeding Practices (Dairy Cattle), (2) Animal Nutrition (Goat), (3) Edible Insects for Food and Feed

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