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International Collaboration of YAU

Yezin Agricultural University has international collaboration with numbers of organizations and institutions among which several have signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) or MoA (Memorandum of Agreement). Under those singed MoU and MoA, EU funded development projects, Mekong - Lancaung funded development and capacity building projects, JICA capacity building projects, and ACIAR research and educational project are currently implementing in Yezin Agricultural University.

EU projects

With the financial and technical supports of EU through YAU's partner universities and organizations, two projects are functioning within the university in the meantime, namely Toolkit project and AGRISAT project.

Mekong - Lancang projects

In 2018, Mekong - Lancang Cooperation Special Fund fully supports to establish "Agricultural Library Network among Universities" within its Lancang- Mekong area by the coordinated efforts of YAU. Later, in 2020, Agricultural Extension laboratory with the faciliteis of ICT based Audio visual and Media Production Laboratories was established in Yezin Agricultural University by Mekong - Lancang Cooperation Special Fund. A Biotechnology Laboratory was established for the Biotechnology Laboratory and Research Network within Lancang-Mekong Universities, especially Myanmar, Thailand and China countries in the year 2020, too. In 2022, Mekong - Lancang Cooperation Special Fund expands another financial support for establishing Pesticide Residues Laboratory in Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar and promoting food safety Network between universities within Lancang- Mekong area.

ACIAR project

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Reach Us

International Relations Office

Convocation Building, 1st Floor,

Yezin Agricultural University,

150501, Yezin, Zayarthiri Township,

Nay Pyi Taw, MYANMAR


Office: +95-67-3-416688

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