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Graduate Programs

The teaching medium for Graduate programs of the university is English. YAU is practicing semester system. First semester starts in November and ends in March while second semester begins in May and ends in September. Since November 2021, the University Academic Board decided to promote the graduate degree program with 11 fields of study including Agronomy; Plant Breeding; Physiology and Ecology; Soil and Water Science; Plant Pathology; Entomology; Horticulture; Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Extension; Agricultural Biotechnology; Food Science and Technology; and Agricultural Microbiology. Moreover, in collaboration with Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), YAU is offering four graduate courses in Advanced Center for Agricultural Research and Education (ACARE).

Undergraduate Programs

The general agriculture course was offered to the students in the beginning. However, in 1994, Elective Stream System was developed. The University curriculum was designed so that first and second-year students were offered a good foundation in basic sciences and fundamental training in various aspects of agriculture. For the rest of the school years, broad general agriculture with a good balance between the physical, chemical, biological, social sciences and applied agricultural courses were emphasized. However, in the fourth and final years courses students are required to select their field of specialization to complete the degree. With the guiding supervisor, students are required to conduct Special Research Project (SRP) as the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the B.Agr.Sc. degree.

Major and Specialization:
Starting from the 2014-2015 academic year, 7 major subject specializations were developed for fourth-year students. Specializations are Agronomy; Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology; Soil and Water Science; Plant Pathology; Agricultural Entomology; Horticulture and Agricultural Biotechnology; and Agri-business management. Students can select the major subject based on their interest and also their academic stand in the previous year examination.

Credit System
Starting from 2017-18 academic year, the undergraduate system has been changed to credit system in which students are given right to choose the subjects they want within the given core course structures. Students should fulfill at least 10 semesters and they are conferred the Bachelor degree (B.Agr.Sc.) after they have earned (156) credits minimum. The objectives of the semester credit system are to reduce class size for effective teaching and learning, to enable students enjoy more time for self-study in their subjects of interest.

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