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Department of Participatory Knowledge Management

Department of Participatory Knowledge Management has been integrated as a part of the Advance Centre for Agricultural Research and Education (ACARE) with an understanding that the department is working on methods of converting scientific knowledge to the farmers and other stakeholders. The department is dedicated to improving the country's agricultural sector by delivering current and relevant knowledge on various aspects of agriculture. The department also provides courses on environmental and natural resources management, which are vital for sustainable and responsible agricultural practices. The department's vision is to use and share its knowledge and technology to promote innovation and development in the fields of agriculture, natural resource management and climate change. Furthermore, the department aims to create a collaborative and supportive environment for knowledge management and sharing among its stakeholders.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Participatory Knowledge Management (DPKM) is to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and its practical application among farmers and stakeholders. As an academic department within an agricultural university, DPKM is committed to empowering individuals and organizations with the tools and skills needed for sustainable agricultural practices, environmental stewardship, and responsible natural resource management. The department's dedication to research, education, and knowledge dissemination drives positive change in the agricultural landscape.

Vision Statement
As an academic department, DPKM envisions leading knowledge creation and sharing within the agricultural community. It aims to cultivate a dynamic culture and environment of participatory knowledge management that enhances individuals' and organizations' capacity to capture, adapt, transfer, and leverage knowledge assets. By doing so, the department aims to drive innovation and elevate performance in agriculture and agribusiness, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector in Myanmar.

Conducting Research: DPKM, as an academic department, seeks to conduct fundamental and strategic research in participatory knowledge management specifically tailored to Myanmar's agricultural and rural development needs. Its research endeavours aim to uncover innovative approaches that empower farmers and stakeholders while contributing to the academic knowledge base in agriculture.

Educational Excellence: The department is committed to providing graduate-level programs leading to Ph.D. degrees in participatory knowledge management: (i) Ph.D./M.Sc. Programs in Agricultural Extension Education and (ii) Ph.D./M.Sc. Programs in Climate Change and Sustainability. These programs are designed to produce a cadre of professionals equipped with the expertise to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practical implementation. DPKM fulfils its academic role in educating the next generation of agricultural leaders by doing so.

Empowering Farmers: DPKM, as an academic department, is dedicated to empowering farmers by enhancing their skills and knowledge through targeted capacity development programs. It aims to transform farmers into role models within their communities, promoting sustainable and responsible agricultural practices, which aligns with its educational mission.

Expertise and Advisory Services: The department offers expert support, advisory services, and consultancy to facilitate participatory knowledge management in Myanmar's agricultural and rural development. Its goal is to assist stakeholders in effectively applying scientific knowledge for tangible, positive impacts while sharing its academic expertise with the broader community.

Fostering Innovation: DPKM actively promotes innovation in agriculture, natural resource management, and climate change. In its academic capacity, the department facilitates the exchange of knowledge and technology among all stakeholders, driving positive change and contributing to the innovative spirit of the agricultural community.

Dr. Yarzar Hein

Professor and Head of Department

Ph.D. (Agri & Resource Economics)

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

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P.O.Box 150501, Yezin,

Zayarthiri Township,

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.


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