Department of Participatory Knowledge Management

With the following objective, DPKM envisage to develop and implement relevant state-of-art models for effective and efficient transfer of scientific and technological know-how to the farmers and other stakeholders.
(1) To carry out basic and strategic research in the area of extension education
(2) To carry out advanced education programs leading to PhD degree in agricultural extension to meet the trained man-power requirements
(3) To carry out advanced training program to impact knowledge, skill and desired orientation to the persons engaged in teaching, research and transfer of technology
(4) To empower the farmers through capacity building to enable them to assume the roles of model farmers
(5) To render to expertise support, advisory and consultancy services in technology information dissemination

Our Vision
To create a world class knowledge-sharing culture and environment striving to improve the ability of individuals and organizations to capture, adapt, transfer and reuse knowledge assets to enhance better performance and innovation in agriculture and agribusiness.

Current Activities
(a) Designing knowledge management models
(b) Participatory technology assessment, program evaluation and constraint analysis
(c) Analyzing the whole process of generation, processing and dissemination of agricultural knowledge and information.
(d) Developing modern communication and information technology enabled products for speedy dissemination of information among end-users
(e) Identifying the area- specific farm problems and find their solution by laying out experimental trails on farmer’s fields with their active participation.
(f) Estimation and analysis of socio-economic, cultural and other constraints in adoption of farm innovations.
(g) To design an appropriate strategy to develop entrepreneurship and agribusiness models involving processing and value addition of rice and pulses.
(h) Impact assessment of extension program including socio-economic and environmental impacts of agricultural technology.

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