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Director Office

ACARE works in close linkage with Department of Agricultural Research (DAR) and Department of Agriculture (DOA) of Myanmar. ACARE are provided through four academic and research departments and one administrative department, as follows.
(1) Director Office
(2) Department of New Genetics
(3) Department of Postharvest Technology
(4) Department of Capacity Building
(4) Department of Participatory Knowledge Management

ACARE offer courses for postgraduate such as master’s degree and PhD Degree in a wider range of subject’s areas: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Food Engineering and Technology, Agricultural Extension Education. This project will lead to raising production and productivity, efficient post-harvest management, processing and value addition, transfer of technology through participatory knowledge management and capacity building through post graduate education and faculty training programs.

To develop, adopt and disseminate suitable technologies for enhancement of agricultural production, productivity, post-harvest loss reduction, value addition, human resource development and employment generation through agrarian skill development for sustainable food, nutritional and livelihood security of Myanmar.

ACARE shall benefit all the stakeholders of Myanmar agriculture through enhancement in agricultural production and productivity, enhancing agricultural income, improved employment opportunities and creating a pool of skilled agricultural scientists and managers.

To identify and use suitable germplasm for the development of rice, pulses and oilseeds varieties for higher yield, quality, climate resilience and tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses
To develop and promote use of suitable post-harvest technologies for reducing storage losses, value addition and entrepreneurship development
To develop and promote participatory knowledge management systems for effective adoption of modern production, protection and processing technologies
To serve as a Centre of Academic Excellence and capacity building in the identified areas of agricultural science and technology

Prof. Dr. Aung Win


Head of Administration

PhD: Science of Biological Environment (Guifu University, Japan)

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Contact Us


P.O.Box 150501, Yezin,

Zayarthiri Township,

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.


Fax:      +95 67 341 6517

Phone: +95 67 341 6513



Office: +95 67 341 6688

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