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Graduating Students

Doctoral Program

Doctor of Philosophy

3 to 4 years for regular students and
up to 5 years for part time students

Admission to Doctoral Program


Applicant holding the master's degree in agriculture or an equivalent degree from a recognized University is eligible. Applicant needs to get permission from his/her respective department if he or she is working under the government organization.

Entrance Exam:   All applicants have to take the written exam (related subject and English). Applicant who passed the written exam has to take the oral exam arranged by the Academic board of YAU.

Requirements of Ph.D. Degree Program

Ph.D. degree program consists of two courses; Ph.D. preliminary course (hereafter preliminary course) and Ph.D. course. The preliminary course is to select the qualified Ph.D. candidates to precede the Ph.D. course.

The candidate must accomplish the following conditions.

  1. One year Ph.D. preliminary course enrollment

  2. After completion of Ph.D. preliminary course, 2-3 years Ph.D. course enrollment is necessary for full time Ph.D. candidates and 3-4 years for part time Ph.D. candidates.

  3. Acquisitions of at least 24 credits and necessity of passing the examination in Ph.D. preliminary course.

  4. Acquisition of 36 credits in Ph.D. course including passing the thesis report evaluation, dissertation and publications of two research papers (international/domestic) etc.

  5. The total 60 credits are required to complete the Ph.D. degree program.

Specialized majors offered to the Ph.D. degree program

  1. Agronomy

  2. Plant Breeding, Physiology and Ecology

  3. Soil and Water Science

  4. Plant Pathology

  5. Entomology

  6. Horticulture

  7. Agricultural Economics

  8. Agricultural Extension

  9. Food Science and Technology

  10. Agricultural Microbiology

  11. Agricultural Biotechnology

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