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Department of Agricultural Engineering

Undergraduate Courses

AGE-101: Introduction to Agricultural Engineering

[Selective ], [2 Credits], [4th semester]

Farm Power Sources; Mechanization in Myanmar Agriculture Sector; Introduction to Farm Machinery, Irrigation System, Layout Planning; Postharvest Technology, Process Engineering.

AGE-103: Engineering Drawing

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [5th semester]

Basic Drawing Techniques; Drawing Office Practice; Principle of Projections; Sectional Views; Isometric Views; Introduction to Third angle projection. Machine Drawing.

AGE-113 Workshop Technology

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [5th semester]

Knowledge and skill components in the field of basic workshop technology, different hand and machine tools required for farm machinery components, General safety Considerations, Hand Working Operations, Measuring and Gauging, Drills and Drilling Processes, Machine Tools, Material Properties, Sheet Metal Works, Foundry Practice, Forging Practice, Metal Joining.

AGE- 114 Agricultural Farm Implements

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [6th semester]

Primary and secondary tillage implements; Animal drawn implement, tractor drawn implement; forces acting on tillage tools. Hitching systems and controls. Draft measurement of tillage implement. Sowing, planting and transplanting implement - their calibration and adjustments, fertilizer application equipment, weed control and plant protection implement – sprayer and dusters, their calibration, selection, constructional features of different components and adjustments.

AGE-105 Farm Structure and Surveying

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [6th semester]

Planning and layout of farmstead; Livestock production facilities; Design, construction and cost estimation of farm structures; Design and construction of rural grain storage system; Site and orientation of building in regard to sanitation; Estimation of power requirement for domestic and irrigation. Principles of leveling and grading; Angle measuring; Area measuring. Precision Measuring; Laser Distance Meter, Auto Level, Theodolite and Total Station. Remote Sensing by Drone.

AGE- 107 Internal Combustion Engine

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [7th semester]

Introduction to power farming; Fundamentals of engines and other sources of power used on the farm; Classification of tractor and Internal Combustion engine; Study of international combustion engine components , engine systems and their construction, operating principle and function; Power measurement.

AGE- 106 Farm Machinery

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [7thsemester]

Introduction to Farm Mechanization; Material used in Farm Machinery; primary tillage and secondary tillage implements; Sowing and planting machines; Harvesting and Threshing machines; Combine Harvester; Selection and management of agricultural machinery Performance, field efficiency and maintenance.

AGE-104: Strength of Materials

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [8th semester]

Introduction to Strength; Stress and Strain; Load of Beams; Force; Bending Moment; Centre of Gravity; Safety Factors; Materials use in Farm Machinery.

AGE- 115: Precision Agriculture

[Compulsory / Selective ], [3 Credits], [8th semester]

Precision Agriculture-Form Mapping to Site-Specific Application, Smart Farming Technologies, Auto-Steering and Controlled Traffic Farming, Robotic Seeding, Future Perspectives of Farm Management, Soil Sensors for Precision Farming, Precision Water Management, Site-Specific Rice Management, Site-Specific Management from a cropping System Perspective.

AGE- 110: Irrigation Engineering

[Compulsory ], [3 Credits], [9th semester]

Introduction; Water Requirement of Crops; Water Application Methods; Fundamental of Irrigation Practice; Water Lifting Devices; Conveyance of irrigation water; Water Logging; Land Reclamation and Irrigation Management. Sources and Classification of Water Pollutants; Waste Water Treatment; Soil Waste Management.

AGE-111: Postharvest and Process Engineering

[Compulsory ], [3 Credits], [9th semester]

Introduction; Drying of Cereals and Pulses; Storage of Cereals and Pulses; Post Harvest Technology of Fruits and Vegetables; Process Engineering; Dryer; Silo; Rice Milling Technology.

AGE-112: Agricultural Mechanization Management

[Compulsory ], [3 Credits], [9th semester]

Role of mechanization and its relationships to productivity, employment, social and technical changes; Performance and power analysis; Cost analysis of machinery- fixed cost and variable costs, effects of inflation on cost; Selection of optimum machinery and replacement criteria; Breakeven point and its analysis, reliability and cash flow problems; Mechanization planning. Nature of Project Management; Multiple-Criteria Methods for Evaluation.

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