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Journal of Agricultural Research (YAU-JAR)

Journal of Agricultural Research (2020), Volume. 7, Issue (2)

Adoption Of Improved Technology Package By Sesame Growers in Magway Township

Ei Ei Phyu, Hnin Yu Lwin*, Yarzar Hein, Shwe Mar Than and Cho Cho San


The study attempted to observe adoption of sesame growers on production technology package recommended by the Department of Agriculture (DoA) in Magway Township. The objectives were to investigate adoption of improved technology package (ten components) and socio-economic characteristics of the sample households and to analyze the financial profitability of sesame production. Total numbers of 129 sample farmers from 4 villages were chosen with proportionate random sampling method. In data analysis, descriptive statistics and benefit cost ratio were employed. Out of 129 sample farmers, 51.9% were partial adopters who obtained < 60 adoption points and 48.1% were high adopters who got >60 points for adoption of recommended technologies. The number of family size and family labor were not different between high and partial adopters while farmer’s age, and farming experience were slightly different between them. More educated farmers were found in high adopters. Most popular sesame variety was Samonnet for the high adopters, whereas Bapan was mostly used by partial adopters. According to the results, total material costs and total variables costs were higher in partial adopters because of low level of adoption in spacing recommendation and use of high seed rate. Benefit cost ratio 2.3 indicated that high adopters earned good profit from sesame cultivation with the high adoption of recommended technology package compared to benefit cost ratio of partial adopters (1.4) in the study area.

Keywords: adoption, sesame production technology, profitability, Magway Township

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