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Journal of Agricultural Research (YAU-JAR)

Journal of Agricultural Research (2020), Volume. 7, Issue (2)

A Study on Scores of English Subject Obtained by Male and Female Students of Yezin Agricultural University

Win Win Thein


Gender and scores in learning a language are gaining increasing significance in the field of higher education. In the scope of language learning and gender, this study investigates differences in academic performance measures of males and females in the exams of the English language in Yezin Agricultural University (YAU). The present study aims to address comparisons of English language scores of male and female students attending the classes of the first semester and second semester in 2017-2018 academic year and the obtained data were also recorded and computed and the statistical analysis was performed to assess whether the male or female students outweigh than the other in English language learning. In these semester exams, females obtained significantly higher mean scores than males in English. Finding reveals that females performed better than males in the English language exams in YAU.

Keywords: English., Exam scores, Female students, Male students

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