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Journal of Agricultural Research (YAU-JAR)

Journal of Agricultural Research (2020), Volume. 7, Issue (2)

Study on The Ornamental Fish Species at Private Aquarian Centers in Dagon Aera

Khin Wai Hlaing*


A total of 12 species of ornamental fish species were collected from North Dagon Myothit Township. The study period lasted from June 2018 to September 2018. The collected species were Pethia conchonius, Danio kyathit, Danio aesculapii, Devanio sondhii, Garra flacatra, Celestichthys margariatus, Puntius padamya, Botia historionica and Schistura balteata following under order Cypriniformes. Three species, Toxotes jaculator, Channa pulchra and Channa spp under Perciformes were also collected from study areas.

Keywords : Aquarian , ornamental , species

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